icymi: Couch Guy is Having a Moment on the internet, but why?

Background: Couch Guy is the name that the internet gave to the Tik Tok video of that guy getting surprised by his long-distance girlfriend. She shows up, he hesitates to get off the couch for a liiiittttle too long, and behaves ... oddly?? idk, but the internet sleuths/ relationship experts say he is a scallywag. Original vid below...



robbie had no idea

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and here's one of the internet sleuth videos...


I’m deep into couch guy tiktok now #greenscreenvideo #couchguy #surprisingmybf #fyp #foryou

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- This link explains more: (https://heavy.com/news/couch-guy-tiktok/)
- Also this link from E Online: (https://www.eonline.com/ca/news/1304772/breaking-down-tiktoks-couch-guy-controversy-why-hes-calling-out-the-internet-for-gaslighting)

(infographic sums up most of the couch guy theories)