What a Weird Week S3 E2: Your Dirty Thoughts about Dirty Things #TheDirtyEpisode Sept 24, 2021

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

10 New Research says the dirtiest place in your bathroom is - of all tings? the    towel rack? But that's where I put my towel? Exactly. Bacteria from your damp towel causes the towel rack to win the Dr. Dirty's Award of Filthiness. (https://www.studyfinds.org/dirtiest-part-of-bathroom-towel-rack/)

9 Follow up to a story we had last year... the guy who invented Jelly Belly candies did a treasure hunt for someone to win a candy factory... well, the guy who won it was in the news the other day because he has decided to not take over the candy factory... they gave him a cash payment instead... (https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/09/20/andrew-maas-gold-ticket-competition/?fbclid=IwAR1844r7xdB44r_F6q54yZ0lac4up_To18c41DTTU8_FyVSi7YJfeHvE_ps)
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8 That Lunchables shortage because of the lousy stinkin pandemic.  The Lunchables folks are working hard to keep the supply chain rolling, but there are some places with shortages. You never want a Lunchable more than when they say you can't have one, so this is hitting hard you guys. My understanding is that when supplies run low because of the pandemic, it usually boils down to not as many people working at the factory, or supplies aren't shipping as fast as usual because the trucking industry is swamped. 
I tried to make my own Lunchable with crackers, cheese, luncheon meat, and a teeny tiny chocolate bar, at a fraction of the price of an actual Lunchable... but it just wasn't the same... (https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/consumer/lunchables-shortage-kids-favorite-missing-from-some-stores/2804146/)
Oh yeah, I probably should've mentioned back to school and how kids are missing Lunchables... kinda made it about myself there...

7 That teacher who got trending because the class took a field trip on the StrippaBus (copyright 2021 Weird Week Enterprises).
There's a school bus driver shortage in a lot of places because of lousy stinkin Covid, so the class had to take whatever bus rental was available, and it happened to be one of those party buses with the stripper poles. The teacher was like "demand more money for the school system!" but the kids were like "this is the coolest bus we've been on! and it smells like Palm Bay coolers!" 

6 The results are in: We are faking fakers, you guys... about unfunny jokes... this survey was in Britain, so maybe we're dealing with a more polite test group... 67% of us will fake-laugh at a joke we don't get... just so we fit in... So we don't get a joke... but we laugh anyway because we don't want to be the chump who didn't get it... then 56% of the people in this survey said they've even told the joke to someone else... the joke that no one understands?! We need to stop laughing at bad jokes. Unless it's your boss' joke. Or your minister during church service. IDK, this is tricky. (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9329925/Two-thirds-people-laugh-jokes-dont-understand-fit-survey-finds.html)

5 Those grapes from Japan that cost hundreds of dollars?!
Why do they cost so much? (close to 500 bucks for a bunch of grapes!)
They are huge... bigger than a Tim Horton's Timbit... also they are a lovely red color... and apparently taste great. They're called Ruby Roman grapes... they were created in 2020... one bunch sold for $12,000!
Really, they're so expensive because somebody will pay that much for them.
4 When you send a message complaining about someone TO THAT PERSON... this mistake happens more than it should according to the survey that came out the other day... 17% of us have done that... it is the worst feeling... but it's gonna happen from time to time... the only alternative is to stop complaining about people and that's just not an option... when you're surrounded by idiots...

story checks out

3 Vans has new scary movie shoes... not shoes to wear while watching a scary movie... well i guess you could wear them while watching a scary movie but they're shoes inspired by scary movies... like IT, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and The Shining. I like that last one because it's a rare opportunity to be seen shining your Shining shoes... that doesn't happen too often. BTW, the Shining Shoes say RedRum, and the IT ones have red balloons on them.

2 Space Force uniforms look like Star Trek Federation uniforms... the Space Force is a legit branch of the American military but it just seems so unreal... and then they come out with uniforms that look like Star Trek... that's a pretty fantastic look and everything but it doesn't make the Space Force seem any more legit... it's a conundrum...

1 The tallest teen in the world was just in the news for being tall. He's from Montreal, his name is Olivier Rioux, and he's 7 foot 5".
Shoe size: 20.
But does he play basketball? Yes. Yes he does.
This is one of those records that is automatically fleeting because even if you're very tall, and some point you are no longer a teenager and you automatically lose that world record then... then you're just a tall person with no world record... this record should come with some counseling

"Freddy, you're guarding 22 today. Don't be afraid to show him who's boss"