Smile Cookies are back at Tim Hortons until Sept 19th 2021 #SmileCookies #MakeTheWorldBetterThruCookies

It's Smile Cookie season until Sept 19, 2021!!
Your favourite Tim Hortons is selling big ol' smile cookies and the money goes back to Timbit Minor Sports and other charities. 
Thanks for helping kids!
You can purchase at your fave Tims, also there are some places you can order online, and you can pre-order a whole bunch for the whole office if you want.

Science has proven that Smile Cookies are delicious, but did you know that they're also good listeners? It feels great to have someone who'll listen to you complain about how you're the only one at work who does anything. After a nice conversation, you get to eat the delicious cookie, which is nice. 

Smile Cookies are good listeners

You can also use Smile Cookies to impress colleagues...

and rehearse a soliloquy...

You can even use Smile Cookies to end the constant slashing-of-your-tires by your disgruntled employees *recommended for members of management*

employees slashing your tires? buy them a smile cookie!