Federal Election 2021: *UPDATE* RESULTS *end update* Info Links! Vote Vote Vote♪ Vote Vote Vote♪ Vote your booty♪♪ (or duty)


- Results: Go HERE for the national numbers and Go HERE for specific districts.

Nationally, it looks like a Liberal minority and breaks down like this: 
 Liberals 158 seats
 PCs 119 seats
 Bloq 34 seats
 NDPs 25 seats 
*majority = 170 seats 
**tallying continues
via (https://enr.elections.ca/Provinces.aspx?lang=e)

In NB, it seems like there's a 60% Liberal and 40% Conservative result (last updated early this morning)
via (https://enr.elections.ca/Provinces.aspx?lang=e)

Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe voted mostly Liberal with Ginette Petitpas Taylor receiving over 47 % of the total vote.
via (https://enr.elections.ca/Provinces.aspx?lang=e)

Fredericton had a tight race with Jenica Atwin (Lib) in the lead as of last update early this morning.
via (https://enr.elections.ca/Provinces.aspx?lang=e)

- Voter Turnout: numbers have been updated a few times since the poles closed but Nationally it was a little over 60%, and around 63% in NB


Federal Election 2021 is Sept 20, 2021
- Hours? Vote between 8:30a and 8:30p.
- Where to vote? Go HERE.
- Who's even running? Go HERE, put in where you are and get a list of candidates.
- What is my riding? Go HERE and click where it says "find your riding". 
- What identification do I need to vote? Go HERE.
- Results? Go to NewCountry969.ca/whats-trending for election results.
- Hungry? Tabulator Machines can also be used to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. *citation needed