Back to School 2021: What do kids want in their lunch box??

According to this survey, here are the things in your kid's lunchbox that don't get eaten:
- Vegetables
- then Fruit
- then ... the Main Meal?! 
So it seems like if they have a choice, kids will just eat the non-fruit snacks.
But here's a lifehack to get your kids to eat more vegetables (we covered this in a podcast episode) ...
if you want your children to eat more veggies, researchers from Penn State say just give your kids twice as many vegetables as you want them to eat and they will eat more veggies. This was a small sample size - less than a hundred kids - so take all this with a grain of salt (splash of ranch?)
If you can't find a big enough lunchbox, just stuff a carry-on suitcase full of delicious carrot sticks!

vegetable lunchbox (artist rendering)