What's Trending Thursday 26 Aug 2021: price of gas falls, vax numbers getting closer, check the list of possible exposures

Today's forecast for Moncton (https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/nb-36_metric_e.html) and firepit index/ beach water reports/ etc (http://newcountry969.ca/summer)

Also Good to Know: Level One Heat Warning again today...


The Price of Gas fell last night to 136.5 (Maximum Price) ... so down around 4 cents.
Diesel also fell... now at 133.5... down around 3 cents
Furnace Oil went down a few cents... (115.4)
Propane is up a cent and a half (118.0)
Covid Stuff: 
- 10 new cases reported yesterday... 4 of them are Moncton cases. Total cases in NB = 164. *Most new cases are unvaccinated or partly vaxed people.

- Vax numbers: 74.1% of New Brunswickers are fully vaccinated ... 
right now we're one of the worst provinces for percentage of people fully vaxxed...

- BTW, there's a pop up vax clinic at Parlee Beach tomorrow (August 27, 2pm to 6pm, No appointment needed) ...

- List of possible public exposures for Moncton businesses... (more added yesterday) (https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/corporate/promo/covid-19/potential_public_exposure.html#1)

- If you have symptoms or if you've been somewhere that has a possible 
public exposure, please request a test online or call Tele-Care 811
Covid 19 Resources...
- news and info from the Prov here (https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/corporate/promo/covid-19.html)
- possible public exposures here (https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/corporate/promo/covid-19/potential_public_exposure.html)

- Vaccine appointments and walk-in clinic information here and here.
BTW, NS reported 7 new cases yesterday...
Traffic backed up at NS border with restrictions back in place for unvaxxed people coming in from NB...
Other news: Lady hurt in fall at Gibson Falls... rescued by Riverview and Elgin Fire and Rescue. They got the call yesterday at suppertime.
The lady slipped while climbing. 
She was alert and talking to the rescue team before being taken to hospital by ambulance. That's all we know about her condition.
More: The Swift Water Team was called in to do a boat extraction operation.
More: People couldn't get cell reception - they had to drive down the road until they could make a call to get help. 
via the Times Transcript...

Q League Hockey:
Moncton Wildcats beat the Titan 3-2 yesterday in pre-season action at the UNIplex in Dieppe.

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