Thrift Store Day 2021 is August 17th #CoolFinds #HiddenTreasures #HauntedDolls

Happy Thrift Store Day! Here are some cool Thrifting Stories...

- That thrift store employee who found a video game worth 10 Grand

- Be careful not to buy Haunted Stuff from the Thrift Store! 

took this photo myself. did not buy.

- The experts say that the best thrifting happens on Monday and Tuesday

- a big problem that thrift shops face these days is that people donate actual garbage and the thrift shop has to pay to have it removed...

thanks for the "donations"? 

- Here's a Big Ol List© of valuable thrift store finds... 
would you think this was a real diamond?

- Somebody once donated a loaded grenade launcher...

What's your best Thrifting story? Let us know in the comments 👇 or text 506-856-9596