is your favorite beer going away forEVAH? What a Weird Week! Aug 9 2021 - Season 2 Ep. 16

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check ( for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

Show notes for this week...

10 duct taped guy
He was being a jerk on an airplane and wouldn't settle down so they duct taped him to his seat... then those people involved got in trouble... then they had people sticking up for them... then... the story continues... but also, the guy who does those fake news interviews made some comedy out of it... 

btw, why don't they have a special seat or overhead compartment for unruly passengers? I am willing to workshop this idea, Air Canada. 

 9 mm mm pumpkin spice noodle in a cup (
Just another poor marketing department that had to come up with a way to get some social media attention... a certified way to do this is take your food product and Pumpkin-Spice-It-Up©! So, we're all getting noodles that taste like a delightful candle. 
BTW, why hasn't the Spice Girls licensing team been all over this... the Spice Girls/ Pumpkin Spice... that seems like a Dunkin Donut commercial that's waiting to happen...

This is actually a Barbie Doll that they made to honor Sarah Gilbert who is an Oxford University professor... and co-developer of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. Mattel is honoring six ladies who are pandemic heroes by making them a doll... 
Rihanna is worth 1.7 billion dollars!!??? Mostly because of her company Fenty Beauty and also because of her lingerie company Savage x Fenty... and then also because of her records and her acting... also she is very very popular on social media... 
yes, that's her current profile picture (not something we drew)

This guy and his Grammy do social media posts that get tons of attention... this time they tried to make the biggest Oreo cookie in the world... 175 pounds?!
It's perfect if you're trying to cut down on dessert... just have half a cookie... 

5 Giant skeleton in yard to promote Covid safety (
This guy in Raleigh lost his mother-in-law to Covid... so to... I don't know... honour her? and to spread the message that Covid is bad and peoplke should do what they can to not spread Covid... he made like a haunted front yard with a giant Halloween skeleton... like, to show that Covid is scary serious... idk 

What happened with this lady's got trending online... this happened at the airport in Minnesota... the lady was sitting across from a guy... he starts to sketch her... it turned out to be a pretty bad sketch... or was it the best sketch ever?!
Her TikTok is (
such a romantic thing to do

3 get ready for friday the 13th with these good luck charms... (
This was a survey of people in the UK about what lucky thing they have,,,
Number one was a lucky ring? Weird. 
Also popular: Bracelet, Necklace... OK we get it, you have jewellery.
Oh wait... number ten on the list is lucky socks. This one I agree with. Socks can be a wonderful defense against bad luck... 

2 too many of us think we're awesome (
40% of people in this survey that just came out say they could be in the Olympics. 40% of us?! Could do the thing we saw on TV? Really? It's a little bit more nuanced... it's more about fitness really... a LOT of people think they're as fit as the people who train all year and do so good in their event that they get to compete against the best in the world... you know, the Olympic Athletes? What is wrong with us?? 

1 is your fave beer going away for EVAH!? (
I wanna say No, probably not... but maybe... this is an article about Molson Coors and 11 beers that they plan to "sunset"... list includes Milwaukee’s Best Premium, Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor Ice, Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve, Miller High Life Light, and others... 
The reason is basically money... focusing on other things that they think will sell better... 
Please let me know in the comments if you ever ordered a Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve... because that is maybe insane... or the coolest thing anyone's ever done???