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*Spoilers* Here's the Scoop on Moncton's "Anica" (Katey Day Reick) on America's Got Talent

What's Trending Thursday 26 Aug 2021: price of gas falls, vax numbers getting closer, check the list of possible exposures

Levee on the Lake in Sackville Aug 19 - 22

Wildlife Wednesday Shark Special: Where are we as far as Sharks Go?

Thrift Store Day 2021 is August 17th #CoolFinds #HiddenTreasures #HauntedDolls

How to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers tonight! Yes, even if it's cloudy. #LiveStreams

^bump^ Summer 2021 Links to keep handy #HeatWarnings #FloodWatch #SportsFieldClosures #BeachWaterIndex #FirepitIndex #SplashPads

is your favorite beer going away forEVAH? What a Weird Week! Aug 9 2021 - Season 2 Ep. 16

What's Trending Monday 9 August 2021: Covid Stuff, Olympic Stuff, Monday Stuff

*Update* Wrapup from Team Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Games! #News #Updates #Results #Schedule

What's Trending Friday 6 August 2021: More Olympic Gold Yesterday and Ladies Soccer goes for Gold at 9am!! also Covid by the numbers, and new possible public exposures at Moncton Businesses

Changes at Harvest House... the Good Kind of Change though!

What's Trending Thursday 5 August 2021: Gas is up a cent, Covid numbers a bit better, Olympic Gold Yesterday!!