Sexy Beasts Show on Netflix: a dumpster fire of awkward mask dates? or quality romance-is-alive-and-well programming

icymi,  Sexy Beasts comes to Netflix Canada on Wednesday (Jul 21). It's a show where people go on dates while looking like animal/human hybrids. I think we're gonna watch for the cringe factor and for the unmasking at the end to see what everybody really looked like... which goes against the show's message of "Looks shouldn't matter". (read a review here)

Look, I get it that you're not supposed to judge people solely on their appearance,  but when the buck-toothed beaver man starts making out with the dolphin-faced  blowhole lady, how are we supposed to turn away? It's just... too... steamy. I mean, we all feel that way, right? Anyone?? Helllloooooo???
Wait, what I meant was, Why can't we just love each other for who we are on the inside? Thank you, Sexy Beasts! Comment below 👇 if you think that the human race could learn a lot from the Sexy Beasts show.