What a Weird Week Special ICYMI epsiode: The Best Step Count News You'll Hear Today! Season 2, Episode 13

Scotty note: Late Spring/ Summer is getting busy you guys. I'm catching up on some stories from the last few weeks... I'm calling this an icymi episode... see how many of these weirdos you're familiar with...

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

Show notes for this week...


10 The Charlie Bit My Finger video sold for $760,000. This NFT stuff is hard for me to understand but my take is that you're buying the original digital content as a work of art (so different than licensing the rights?) and then the creator of that content can still put conditions on the sale ... like 'I get want 5% of any re-sales'. If you've bought or sold an NFT, please reach out. It's a whole new way of thinking about digital content and if there's one thing I've learned about whole new ways of thinking, it's that it's hard to change how you think. For more on this, see science. 
Things we thought were cute, were actually works of valuable art!
BTW, Charlie Bit My Finger was posted in 2007 and had close to 900 million views.
(see Charliebitme.com) 
Now those kids are grown up... how often were they asked to re-create the video?
"I don't do that anymore. It's assault and battery now. And please, call me Charles from now on."

9 New product alert: Japanese purring cat pillows are a thing now.
Cat-shaped pillow... purrs when you pet it... it is a little creepy because it's also faceless. 
The MeowEver pillow also has realistic breathing and heartbeat simulation, and you can use it like a heating pad.
$80 (US). Supposed to start shipping in July.
She looks so happy you guys...

8 Dunkin' Donuts new line of paints. 
You can paint your living room the same color as a Dunkin' Donuts store... which if you've never seen one, that's Pink and Orange.

7 Stuff we're buying now shows that we might be optimistic about the pandemic ending... sales of deodorant have shot up... and alarm clocks. When we worked from home there was hardly any pressure about running late for work, because you were already at work... if you overslept a few minutes, you just went to work in your pajamas instead of your sweats... Other Stuff we're buying more now: luggage... teeth whitener... party supplies... summer clothes (in my case it's because I am a whole new size after the pandemic)... shaving stuff... and the one everybody reported on, your shimmy shammy supplies for loving love times.

6 Those chefs in Philadelphia who made a giant cheesesteak to celebrate life... it's a 510-foot cheesesteak for the whole neighborhood... so I hope Covid really IS under control over there. It looks delicious... but even if it's not, my theory on food is, the larger the portion, the less delicious it has to be and people are still happy.
Like, if that cheesesteak is just OK, but it's 500 feet long, you're still gonna be pretty happy... or conversely, if it is the best sandwich you've ever tasted, but it's also very small, you're not gonna be happy about your dining experience.

5 Researchers are figuring out why some people absolutely HATE the noises the rest of us make when we're eating. The article goes into detail but basically, people who are wired a certain way just feel those Food/Eating/Mouth noises more deeply... and to them, it's almost invasive. That's my paraphrase, here's the link... 

4 Scientist finds evidence that rare sea turtles used to live in Saskatchewan.
If you're unfamiliar, Saskatchewan is a prairie province with no sea.
If you're playing fossil bingo, this was late Cretaceous period (millionssss of years ago). So one time Saskatchewan was a like a beach resort, I guess?
Editor's note: Saskatchewan gets all the good stuff... they have the biggest T Rex in the world... the northernmost sea turtle fossil... and they have the Saskatoon berry. Not too fair, you guys.  

3 If you're having troubling hitting your step count every day, here's some good news... 
Research out now seems to show that the more steps you take everyday, the longer you live. This was a pretty big study (17000 people over six years) ... 
Here's what's great... you can get health benefits whether you take one long walk or you just get steps in here and there throughout the day.
I'm not a scientist, so read the article to get the nitty gritty, but here's what stood out for me... 
- it doesn't seem to matter too much if you do a long walk or a series of short walks... but aim for at least 1000 steps at a time 
- do more if you can for sure, but this research says that even 4500 steps a day was a good number (immediately re-adjusts Fitbit goals)

2 Now they have Cat Sleeping Bags... like, a sleeping bag for Your Cat...
Cat people will do anything for their cats... (looking at you, my sister Carla)., but I always thought that no matter how hard you tried to spoil and pamper your cat with things, Murphy's law of Cats states that your cat will sleep wherever the heck they want no matter how much money you spent on their cat sleeping bag... 

1 Kellogg's has given us Lil Debbie Cosmic Brownie Cereal you guys!
It's crazy what Product Promotion Departments are do to get social media attention... but they have a job to do, and sometimes it's pretty fantastic... one of the trends I can't help but love is when they take a dessert and make it a breakfast cereal. 
Lil Debbie had to do it, you guys. She Had To. 
(it's weird that I picture a lady named Debbie calling all the shots at their board meetings, isn't it.? "Listen, I'm lil Debbie. It's MY NAME on the package. We do things MY way or you can leave." 
Lil Debbie is tough but fair.