What a Weird Week Season 2 Episode 12: The One with the Internet Lightning! and #Bonus Junebug Interview

Scotty note: We took Victoria Day weekend and Memorial Day weekend off, so here are some stories from a couple weeks ago... see how many of these weirdos you're familiar with... 

What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff.

Show notes for this week...

10 The lady in Oklahoma who got zapped at her computer keyboard after lightning strikes her home. The lightning went through the house wiring, into her computer and out through the keyboard. This lady should get a lifetime supply of lightning cables or lightning connectors... flash drives maybe?? Where are these marketing teams?? Too busy checking the TikTok trends to jump on this obvious opportunity?!!! 
*btw, lady wasn't injured.

9 UFOs you guys...
60 minutes and a bunch of not-normally-UFO-reporting news outlets have been  covering the latest batch of videos by credible military witnesses of weird things in the sky and underwater. It's kind of the same ol' story except the US government is admitting that the videos are of real objects and they don't know what they are/ where they come from. Some UFO researchers are happy about this and some are suspicious.
*BTW, the pyramid shaped UFO might be a lens effect (https://digg.com/video/a-closer-look-at-the-pentagon-confirmed-pyramid-shaped-ufo-video?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email) but you think they woulda checked that out before going to 60 Minutes...

8 Can we somehow breathe through our bum? Serious inquiries only... 
... here's the headline: "Mammals can breathe through anus in emergencies, Japanese study finds." I know. Weird, right?! 
Do humans really have potential for butt breathing? The study focused on rats, but it seems to indicate that blood vesssels in the caboose... caboosal area? can absorb oxygen... (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/05/15/national/science-health/mammals-breath-anus-study)

7 Paul McCartney's Eye Yoga???
This has been mentioned by him in interviews before... it showed up in my feed the other day in a post from Woman's World. Eye doctors... at least all the ones I saw... say eye yoga doesn't help you to not need glasses... 
6 Why do we think we can beat animals in a hand-to-hand combat situation?
A poll came out the other day that indicates some of us think we're really tough, or that bears are stupid wimps... here's the quote: "Most humans are pretty realistic about their chances in a fight with an animal. But about 6% think they can beat a Grizzly Bear."

5 Loch Ness monster mystery has been solved. So glad it's finally over!
Scientists think it could be big eels accounting for lake monster sightings... and the other theory scientists have thrust out there is that when you see the Loch Ness Monster's neck and head stick out of the water, what you're really seeing is whale ... um... well, an excited whale's naughty bits in the old 'one gun salute'... sticking out of the water... 
I posted a safe link for more info, but open up an incognito tab just in case... 

4 It looks like Dogs are better at detecting Covid than a lot of the tests they use. I mean, a blood test would be super accurate, but if you're in the screening line at the airport, dogs can give you the old sniff test and indicate to handlers whether you have Covid or not in no time at all. In this study, dogs were 97% accurate in detecting Covid. 
If they followup and this all checks out, they could do mass screenings a lot better or faster with pooches.

3 Another Dog one! 
A reporter doing a dognapping story actually sees the stolen pooch while doing the story for the news! Dognappers are caught, dog returned to its family!

2 San Francisco is one of the shopliftiest places in the world? Who knew??
- Things had potential to turn violent when shoplifters were confronted, so security has stopped doing that in some neighborhoods. Also, shoplifters who are caught don't face much legal peril. 
- According to this article, Walgreens closed some stores because of it... they were losing too much $$ to shoplifters. Bananas!!!!

1 Would you want an extra thumb? Think of the hitchhiking possibilities! and shuffling a deck of cards! We'd all become close-up magicians!!!! What has three thumbs and is in on this idea? This guy!!!!!
A research team has been working towards showing that people would be able to adapt to having an extra robot-thumb, and it looks like we're there you guys!!!!