*Updated for 2022* National Doughnut (Donut?) Day June 3 2022 #Reblog #Donut #Doughnut #Dunk #WorldRecord

*UPDATE 2022*

You guys, for National Doughnut/ Donut Day 2022 we are sharing this post from last year.
- Doughnut Day history below (it started during World War One.)
- Doughnut Day World Record involving Jelly Donut Consumption below, and here's a new one for 2022, the Longest Donut Dip... 
If you want to break that one, this fella bungee-jumped from 198 feet while holding a donut, and dipped it in a cup of coffee!
"Highest dunk of a doughnut (bungee jumping) 60.553 m (198 ft 8 in) by Ron Jones US," the caption of the video reads."
professional dunker. do not attempt.


National Doughnut Day began as a salute to Salvation Army volunteers who delivered donuts to our troops during World War One. Did you know that? Because I did NOT! We won the Great War by fueling up on donuts?! If you can, celebrate National Doughnut Day by donating a couple bucks to the Salvation Army!!

Donate HERE  more info HERE

BTW, if you want to set a Donut-Themed World Record today, maybe try eating a Jelly donut sorta quickly without using your hands... 

If you're slinging donuts today, you're getting a Giant Foam Cowboy hat SAAAAAAAAAAALUUUUUTE!!!!!