You guys! The Smarties McFlurry?!! Welcome back Dear Friend!!

Editor's Note: this is not paid advertising. This is straight-up need to know info...
The Smarties McFlurry is officially out of retirement at McDonalds.
I had know idea that it was off the menu, I thought it was just out of the rotation every time I went to the drive-thru.
I guess it was "abruptly removed from the menu in 2015" ??(
Theories on why they removed it:
- They play dice with our Food Emotions (foodmotions©) in the Test Kitchen.
- ☝That's it, that's the only viable theory. 

There were petitions and campaigns to bring back the Smarties McFlurry... 
... and it worked, you guys! IT WOOOOOOORRRRRRKED!
it worked you guys

BTW, All those who didn't know that the McFlurry was invented in NB, raise your hand...
invented in Bathurst?!

The McFlurry was invented in Bathurst, NB by Ron McLellan in 1995! 
- on the sign as you enter New Brunswick: "Birthplace of the McFlurry". 
Alternate idea:
- Free McFlurries for all New Brunswickers forever.
(posts blog entry and immediately starts next McFlurry petition)