What a Weird Week Sunday 2 May 2021: the one with FREE McFlurries and second class Citizen Kane! Season 2, Episode 10

Welcome back to What a Weird Week where we countdown ten weird things. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for more. Here are your show notes for this week...

The lady who was charged with a felony for not returning a video cassette! (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/vhs-tape-caron-mcbride-texas-felony-charge-sabrina-the-teenage-witch/)
Kids, when I was younger, we would go to a store and pay them money, and they would rent us a movie on videotape to watch at home, as long as we promised to return it the next day. If you didn't return it, you'd have to pay fines. It was a system that played on our honesty,  our shame threshold, and parsimony.
ie. Return that movie on time because it's the right thing to do/ Return that movie or be branded as a person who can't even get their life together enough to return a movie to the rental place/ return a movie or it'll cost ya!  
This lady got caught up in some kind of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fiasco where somebody rented that video in 1999, and now it's time to pay the price. Not returning that video in 1999 resulted in felony embezzlement charges!! (seems absolutely bananas...)
- Lady found out about the charge after she applied to change her name on her driver's license (because she got married.) She was flagged in the system! It was... a felony!!???
- Lady doesn't recall ever renting Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the 90s
- Video rental place closed down more than a decade ago!
- The lady has been let go from several jobs, mysteriously, and she thinks it must've been the warrant for felony embezzlement...
- Last-minute update: Good news, the County has decided to drop the charges! 

The guy in Japan who had 35 girlfriends and now is charged with fraud because he got all his lady friends to buy him birthday gifts.
Here's the quote: "Takashi Miyagawa, a 39-year-old part-time worker with no fixed address... told each of his “girlfriends” that his birthday fell on a different date so he could receive oodles of gifts," 
- It is fraud to convince someone you're going to marry them just so that they give you money and things. 

Great news everybody! New Venomous Spider Discovered in Florida...
- named the Pine Rockland Trapdoor spider
- it was spotted a long time ago in the forest around Miami Zoo
- a photo of it was studied by experts and they realized it wasn't a known type of spider... 
- it's related to the Tarantula
- repeat: not found in the Amazon Rain Forest, actually found in Miami near the zoo. That's weird right?
- a bite would hurt like a bee sting

Old Whiskey To be Auctioned off...
- 250 years old (they think it's the oldest whiskey ever)
- auction announced for end of June
- note on bottle: "This bourbon was probably made prior to 1865"
- then they did some tests to find out the official age... they used a syringe to take out a little bit, and the lab says it was bottled between 1763 to 1803!
- could get $40,000 at auction
- bottle was found in someone's basement as part of their estate after they passed away

Beavers Cause Canadian Town To Lose Internet...
Fact: it sucks to lose internet. Within seconds of the internet going out, our brains cloud over and we forget how to do everything. Worse, as soon as you know the internet is down, all you want to do is stream your favourite 80s song and research the top ten most haunted places in Canada and that's also when you think of the most hilarious TikTok post that would make you famous for sure!!!... 
So our hearts go out to the 900 folks in Tumbler Ridge, BC who lost internet for over a day!!
It was because of beavers chewing through the fiber op cables.
Those cables are like 5 inches thick... no match for a determined beaver though.
The whole thing is too Canadian. 

Crocs sales are through the roof! Which means nothing if the roof you're picturing is very low. But picture a normal or even high roof. THAT's how good Crocs sales are.
I could dig into the numbers here, but... numbers (am I right!?).
- One time Crocs fell out of favour and the company was reportedly in trouble. 
They hung in there, though and now they're a billion dollar footwear behemoth.
- Celebs like Bieber have their own line of Crocs, and this has raised Crocwareness/ Crocwearness? More people are wearing them because of celebs... 
- Like hoodies, Crocs became popular pandemic fashion and business was fantastic in 2020. That has helped move a lotta shoes too.

The poop dispute in Michigan...
A farmer in Michigan has made a manure pile wall that's 250 feet long and it's right beside his neighbour's property line. It appears to be a result of some neighbourly discord. It also appears to be totally legal. Maybe the famer and the neighbour can get it settled on a Dr Phil sit-down... or if Oprah runs out of the A list guests... it would be wonderful to see them bring it back to love, you know?

Be ignorant, receive treat!
- Fact: McDonald McFlurries are delicious. 
- Fact: you can use a McFlurry spoon as a straw and you have. It's inefficient and messy, but you've done it. Maybe you even thought: "This is a terrible straw. Does McDonalds even try anymore with the spoon straw?"
Now's the time to lean in to that attitude because even though that McFlurry spoon was NEVER a straw, some locations will give you a free McFlurry on Tuesday if  you admit to them that you thought the darn thing sticking out of your McFlurry was a straw.
Here's a link to their publicity stunt... 

Guy arrested for smuggling 35 finches... but wait, it gets weirder
(This is where I played the soundbite from the radio show)

There's a new Greatest Movie of all time...
icymi, (because this got reported quite a bit)... 
Until recently, the movie Citizen Kane was generally considered to be one of the all-time greats. It was certified 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. WAS certified 100% fresh...

Background on Citizen Kane: 
- a 1941 drama
- Orson Welles produced, directed, starred, and co-wrote
- his first feature film 
- considered by almost every film expert to be the greatest film ever made
Get more via Wikipedia, but, Spoiler Alert!? The movie is 80 years old. What's the ruling on spoilers after 80 years? 

What Happened?
Rotten Tomatoes gives movies a score based on a composite of critics' reviews. Until recently, Citizen Kane had nothing but glowing reviews. But... Rotten Tomatoes has this Archival Project where they do a deep dive to find reviews in old newspapers, and they finally found someone who didn't like Citizen Kane in a 1941 Chicago Tribune review. The only right thing to do was change Citizen Kane's perfect score of 100 on the Tamatometer. 
So what movie takes Citizen Kane's place as the top movie on Rotten Tomatoes? While there are other movies certified 100% fresh on the Tomatometer, the one with the MOST reviews is Paddington 2.
Fact: Paddington 2 is the greatest movie of all time. 
We need to open theatres dedicated to only playing Paddington 2 over and over. It needs to be taught in public schools. They need to include it amongst the stuff we're sending to Mars. 
And what about this - we knock down all the statues of the bad people in history and replace them with a statue of Paddington?! A classic two birds/ one stone situation!!

Paul King wrote and directed Paddington 2 (so basically the new Orson Welles). The Hollywood Reporter reached out to him for comment... 
"if Welles were alive today and had access to the kind of technology now available, he might have come up with something nearly as good as Paddington 2. But he had to make do... merely knocking out Citizen Kane."