What a Weird Week Sun May 16: the one with Kitty Cats, raccoons, and sardines! Season 2, Episode 11

Welcome back to What a Weird Week where we countdown ten weird things. Check (https://podcast.scottyandtony.com/) for more podcast stuff. Here are your show notes for this week...

The Idaho lineman who climbed the power pole and rescued a kitty cat... and his smart alec buddy on the ground who did golf announcer play by play...
New Survey: we are buying more impulse purchases than ever!
Is it the pandemic? Do you buy more on impulse these days? Here are the top impulse buys we're making... 
Food/ groceries... stuff for the house... clothes... drive-thru coffee... 

Dracula's Castle in Romania has been turned into a Covid Vaccination Site. The government thinks more people are likely to get vaccinated because it's cool to say you got your vaccine at Dracula's castle. 
Toronto Raccoon Game...
A new video game got in the news this week where you play a raccoon on adventures in Toronto. It's beta testing now. Look for the Trash Panda game coming soonish... MMMMmmmmmmmgarbage

Sardines Could Save Your Life?
It looks like eating sardines can lesson your chance of getting the diabetus... eat sardines once a week according to this article... read the study and consult your dietician before going all sardines/ all the time. 

The Australian lady who had tonsil surgery and woke up talking with an Irish accent...
This has gotten some attention online after the lady began telling her tale on TikTok. 
There is a real condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome so... I believe her??? HaHa JK, I have my doubts but am gonna wait and see...

Reply to @alienkayla59 Day 13: Why I decided to take my private life public on the 3rd day after I first woke up with a foreign accent ##fyp

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The Smarties McFlurry is officially out of retirement at McDonalds.
I had know idea that it was off the menu, I thought it was just out of the rotation every time I went to the drive-thru.
I guess it was "abruptly removed from the menu in 2015" ??(https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/mcdonalds-canada-smarties-mcflurry-2021)
Theories on why they removed it:
- They play dice with our Food Emotions (foodmotions©) in the Test Kitchen.
- ☝That's it, that's the only viable theory. 

A story came out this week about the top Googled questions of the last 15 years...
Here's the Top 5... "What time is it?"... "How to tie a tie?"... "How to kiss?"... "Where am I?"... "How many ounces in a cup?" 

New study: Drinking booze actually brings us together you guys!
What they observed: Strangers drinking together in a room move an inch closer to each other every eight minutes. This doesn't happen without the delicious booze. 

Weird thing that washed up on the beach in Brazil a few years ago has been traced back to World War Two...
They were bales of rubber from a German boat that sank...
did anybody have that in their Mysteries that Washed Ashore pool??