Monday May 3rd is National Paranormal Day! Do you believe in ghosts??

According to National Today ( 80% OF AMERICANS BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!? Does that seem high to you? 
Do I seem high to you? Because I'm not. I'm sober, and I'm a true BELIEVER!!

BTW, only 12% of Americans think the government knows more about aliens than it's letting on... so ghosts win. BIG!!

A couple other stats:
- More women say they've seen a ghost than men
- 35% of us say we've seen a ghost

Scotty Note:
As a true believer, I have to say that there are places in town where I would not get out of the car at night... maybe it's haunted, or maybe it's a  robust drug marketplace... either way, lock the doors and don't mess with Ouija boards!
Comment below if you want... are you Team Ghost, or Team No-Ghost?
Paranormal Activity (artist rendering)