What a Weird Week Sunday, March 14: Time Change Special and the Interview with the Vampire! Season 2, Episode 5

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Fellow Weirdos:
It's Clock Change Weekend here in Eastern Canada, and in much of the world, but not as much of the world as it used to be. Early this morning clocks sprang ahead one hour... so that we can enjoy more daylight... or less nightdark (sorry vampires). 
Question: Why don't vampires push back on this "more daylight" policy? All the vampires have to move to Saskatchewan?! Is that what's happening? Is Saskatchewan crammed fulla vampires? 


- waaaay before Daylight Savings, ancient people adjusted their day based on how much sunlight there was gonna be. Like, waaaay before sunglasses.

- Ben Franklin wrote that deal about being Early to bed and Early to Rise (icymi, it makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise... it's science) he also wrote to the people of Paris that they should get outta bed early to save on candles. He meant it as a hilarious joke about how lazy he thought they were. It wasn't a gameplan for Daylight Savings. 
BTW, How bad would you feel if Ben Franklin wrote a diss track about your sleeping habits? Harsh, Ben.

- One weird thing about actual, modern Daylight Savings Time is that more than one person came up with it separately, because they wanted more hobby time after work. 
(see Bug Guy here and Golf Guy here)

- Back to this vampire angle...
Vampires HATE this time of year.
We sat down with Vlad St John, vampire podcaster, author, and TikTok celebrity...