What a Weird Week Sunday, February 28: The one with seafood pants, Season 2, Episode 4

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10 Don't put lobsters down your pants
In Florida, a man and woman got dinged for trying to steal seafood using the "down-my-pants" methodology. We've heard similar stories before, but they've never inspired a song so beautiful...  We did a song about it on the radio show...

9 World Record Jigsaw Puzzle Attempt Ends with one piece missing! (JK)
Actually, it ended with the second biggest puzzle in the world being put together in world record time. A lady in Ontario - Maxine Olive-  streamed the puzzle marathon and now it's hello Guinness Book of World Records! (Check out the footage of Maxine Olive breaking a World Speed Record for Puzzle Put-Togethering at link)
- Maxine is from Belleville, Ontario
- puzzle is over 40,000 pieces (the second largest puzzle in the world) 
- puzzle is 22 feet long, 6 feet high, and weighs about 44 pounds
- Maxine hardly had room for it in her apartment and had to move her fridge
- it took her around 150 hours to complete which beats the old world record of 423 hours
- some days she only worked 13 and a half hours on it, some days she worked 34 hours before taking a break for sleep... which is bonkers
*Public Service Announcement:
At first I was like, "The puzzle is Disney-themed so maybe Disney will hear about it and... give her another puzzle!" The truth is, puzzles are probably ruined for Maxine now.
I mean, she put together the second largest puzzle in the world, so there's really only one puzzle that would be more challenging - the Kodak Premium. (In case you're not a puzzthusiast, it's the largest puzzle in the world)
I'm pretty sure that all Maxine's friends and family have her locked-in as the "Puzzle Girl" now, and she's gonna get puzzles every birthday, Christmas, and World Puzzle Day. Even National Taco Day will be an excuse to give Maxine a taco-themed puzzle.
So for Maxine's sake we urge you to keep this in mind and, please, just get her some tacos. 

all 40,000 pieces accounted for!

8 The Salmon, Crab, Cactus vending machine boom!
Singapore seems to be a world leader in vending machine product choice.
You name it, they have a vending machine for it: bread, freshly baked pizza, fresh orange juice, and ... other!
Where would I find this vending machine, in a lobby somewhere?
The article says that one company has a bunch in cafes with delicious hot food... and there's convenience stores that don't have staff, just a bunch of vending machines.
The person who wrote the article bought vending machine frozen salmon and a frozen steak.
Final score: 7.5 out of 10.
Mixed emotions. I love the idea of vending machines with wacked out stuff in them, but when vending machine food is getting a 7.5 on the flavour scale, I feel bad for those restaurants who get lower points than a vending machine. 

7 Jameson Irish Whiskey wants you to take vacation time on Saint Patrick's Day
- want to pay a thousand people $50 to take off Saint Patrick's Day on March 17
- they call it the "St. Patrick's Time Off" ("SPTO") iniative
- they're also selling merch
- you done goofed, Jameson Whiskey, because I would've taken the day off for FREE! hahahahahahaahahahaha!!!!

6 Air Protein is run by wizards or something
- They make "meat" out of thin air... well, thin air or fat air... all of the airs. 
- special fermentation tech enables them to make air meat, which is really meat alternative.
- article gets into the bonkers amount of money/ interest that is coming their way. 
Ed. Note: I think giant chain restaurants and food companies are enthused about a supply chain that begins with the air which is already in the room. That's it, that's the supply chain... air would go into the meat machine, then meat would come out of that machine and land in a meat-catching bucket of some sort right there in the restaurant kitchen. That's how I think they would do it. Maybe they will pass the transport savings on to us? ;)

5 They figured out who put a secret message in that painting The Scream (you know... the one that kinda looks like Kevin McCallister putting on after shave...)
The Takeaway:
- the hidden message in "The Scream" painting was written by the painter, Edvard Munch
- This had been a bit of a mystery for the experts 
- For years and years they thought maybe somebody vandalized the painting and wrote the secret message, but now the experts are satisfied that the painter wrote the message
- What is the message? What did the guy write? Well, we'll reveal that in the plus section of our podcast for our Gold and Platinum level Patreons!!!
- Just kidding, the message that Munch wrote is "Can only have been painted by a madman," which you can barely see in the upper left corner of the painting.
- How do they know that Munch wrote that message? The old standard "infrared technology" is part of how they figured it out, but there's more at the link if you want to check it out.

is this weird or what?

4 Your car is soooo messy!
One-Third of People Say Their Car is too messy for passengers.
So if you're still able to pick your kids up at school, even though your car is filthy, you're still winning at life. 
But also, if you cannot fit a passenger because of the garbage mountain in your vehicle, don't feel too much shame because you are definitely not alone!

3 Great News, Cheesethusiasts!!!
- Cheese Is Not Bad for You After All, According to a new study.
Ed. Note: I'm not a scientist, but I do have a bumper sticker from Sussex Cheese and Dairy Days, so I believe this data. 
*If you are on a special diet, read the study before filling your hot tub with brie*

2 Another UFO reported by Airline Pilot
Really, the headline says it all. We still don't know what the pilot saw. Sometimes pilots are mistaken, but they are generally some of your best witnesses of sky things.
Read on, true believers: 

*Not number 1, but Honorable Mention to the cardinal that looks like a bad guy from Batman...

1 Swimming in Handcuffs World Record!!
A guy in Virginia swam over 5 miles in handcuffs to break the World Record. (https://fredericksburg.com/news/local/watch-now-dahlgren-sailor-breaks-record-for-swimming-while-handcuffed/article_20787d17-4227-5bc5-9002-8238c59458c6.html)
It's all you need to know really, the headline gave away the whole thing!