March 5th: National Cheese Doodle Day

Ed. Note: this is a reBlog from last year. Still as relevant as ever, doodlethusiasts.

March 5 is International Cheese Doodle Day. First things first, who says Cheese Doodle? I do not. I will be referring to them as Cheezies.  They were likely invented by two companies, independently, in the 1930s.
-One inventor was Ed Wilson, who was inspired by his workplace's Animal Feed machine in the mid 1930s. When they tried to clean out the feed machine they ended up with something that would later become Cheezies, because Ed is the kind of guy who takes work home with him, and eats it...

-Another inventor was Morel Elmer Sr. of  the Elmer Candy Corporation.
The brothers Elmer invented cheese curls in the 1930s at some point (cheese snack historians are a little vague... maybe 1936?), then in 1939, Morel had a contest to name the snack. The winner? CheeWees. Not bad.
↑is the mouse wearing a tuxedo AND bowling shoes? 
The Takeaway:
Cheezies have been around for ~80 or 90 years and they still haven't figured out how to make them dust-free. (Looks and orange fingers, shakes head disapprovingly.) 

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