About our Nationwide $25,000 Trivia Contest: we've put Blairmore, Alberta on notice!!

ICYMI, our nationwide trivia contest means someone will win $25,000 from Stingray Radio. Of course we want someone from Moncton to win that money. 
If Moncton doesn't win, we will be very, VERY disappointed. 
Especially if our sworn enemy Blairmore, Alberta wins the contest!
That's right, you're on notice, Blairmore!!
Yes, it looks like fun, but don't let that fool you!

But why, you ask? What started this long-standing-but never-referred-to-until-now feud with Blairmore?
Short answer: Communism. 
We don't like their Communist roots. 
Sure, the good people of Blairmore seem like you or me. They get up and go to work each day to make a better life for their families. But on weekends, they're freakin' Communists! 
Are you going to deny it, Blairmore? Well, here's a quote from Wikipedia to refresh your memory:
"Like many Canadian industrial towns in the 1930s, Blairmore had some sympathies with Communism. Canada's first Communist town council and school board were elected in Blairmore in 1933..."
Nice place to visit... if you're a Communist!

"But wait a minute, fellas, it seems like you just decided to beef with Blairmore because you're jealous that they have the majestic Rocky Mountains in their backyard." 
Nice try, Communist sympathizer. 
This aint that. 
This beef goes waaaaay back. So don't even! 
You know what, Blairmore, now you're on double-notice!!!!

*Enter to win the New Country Brain Strain HERE.
Still reading this blog? Well if you're sure that you have enough animosity in your heart for Blairmore, let's move on to what you can buy with your $25000 prize!!!

1) a life-size bronze statue of yourself!
AND, you'd still have enough money left over to get a used car!!
I don't know art, but that seems pretty fantastic.
*pizza speedos cost extra

(come back often for more suggestions!)

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