Police Search in Greater Moncton for a man believed to be carrying firearms with intent to use them


UPDATE 9:45a

UPDATE 8:45a

Last Night an Emergency Broadcast System Alert went out as a result of this RCMP search. Here's what they posted:
- believed to be carrying firearms with intent to use them
- believed to be driving a black 2020 Hyundai Elantra with black tinted windows
- the 24-year-old man is five foot ten, 145 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes
- if you see this person do not approach, contact RCMP right away (call 911 or 506-857-2400)
- Please help the police by not sharing police operations on social media. It helps suspects avoid capture.
- Also, please help police by NOT calling 911 to ask them for updates on the case. Seriously, they had to say that.
- The alert went off late last night. It was scary. You can't help but think back to the last time. If you're kids are scared, here's what Mr. Rogers says about talking to kids when scary things are in the news...

Final thoughts: Let's help each other today. We've got a shooting suspect manhunt. We've got a lot of Covid cases and Orange Alert restrictions in place. 
- How to help in a time of Covid:
Take care of yourself today, stick to your family bubble, cut out unnecessary travel, wear a mask where you're supposed to.
- How to help the police:
For the manhunt that's going on, you can help by not sharing RCMP operations on social media, and by keeping an eye out. If you see something suspicious, notify RCMP. Again, please don't call 911 to ask for information on the case. RCMP had to issue that statement because somebody was doing that.