*Update: Is it Time to consider Dry February?* Dry January: How is it going? #booze

*UPDATE: Thanks for your notes about Dry February in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. If it's too late for you to go dry this month, please keep February on your radar!
*End Update

What the dadgum heck is Dry January and should Tony be a part of it?
- he just bottled, then drank like 50 bottles of wine over Christmas
- he's the self-appointed Director of Wine Relations at Stingray Radio* (may not be an actual title)
- there is some apple pie moonshine in his fridge that would go to waste during Dry January
- he may own a countertop whiskey still (he definitely does, but needs a little plausible deniability in case his speakeasy gets raided
- we are in the Covid Orange Alert Phase

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