Bakers: Do you Sell a Lot of Breakup Cakes!??? #Valentines #Cakes #Breakups

This Cake Specialist tells a story of someone breaking up with a cheater through a delicious 'Breakup Cake'. It seems like it was the customer's idea though. Bake shops, you need to get on this as a potential new income stream!

my life feels like a sitcom sometimes #baketok #bridgerton #BachelorReady #messytiktok

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*Note to bakery folks: 
- Clearly label the Breakup Cakes in your shop. If I roll in there for a Valentines cake, but I forgot my glasses, I might end up giving my wife a breakup cake. This would be very bad for me. She will be fine though. 
*Note to potential Breakup Cake customers: 
- before you spend good money on a Breakup Cake, ask yourself if your partner is Breakup Cake Worthy. Maybe you buy yourself a delicious cake, but give your cheating partner a breakup muffin, or Timbit.
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