Attention Self-Winders! We're hiring in the Sales Dept #JobOpp

If you heard that ad about how we're hiring here at the radio station, then you're probably here for the email address, so here you go... (that's Patricia, one of our sales managers.) 

- Is the radio advertising game financially rewarding? It can be for sure.
- Is it Challenging? Yes. Yes it is.
- But you said rewarding right?? Oh yes. A successful sales rep can buy a lot of groceries. Even expensive cheese some times* (depends on what's in season)
- Can I wear sweats to work? No, that's the announcers, not the sales reps.
- What are you like to work with? Most people around here are great! I would stay away from Crenshaw though. He's a piece of work.
- I have more questions! Please reach out to Patricia at the email above.
Good luck!!!!!!  

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