2nd Update with eBird link: Jan 5th is NATIONAL BIRD DAY: Rare Bird Sighting in Grande-Digue brings stress to local DJ

2nd Update:
Thanks to Rhonda who sent us some more info on how to get into birding. Besides the links below, HERE's a link to sign up and receive eBird Alerts for NB. You can also check out the Nature Moncton info Line.

January 5th is National Bird Day.
If you'd like to become a birdwatcher, here are some notes:
- if you use an old-timey spyglass instead of binoculars, you'll have one hand free to hold a beverage. Also, you will look like a cool pirate.
- Tourism NB has other advice (nothing about beverages though)
From Scotty:
As I have mentioned before, the pandemic has turned me into a birder. 
Like, big time. If there was an Olympics for birdwatching, I would... like... well, not compete but maybe watch it on TV... if I'm finished the Crown by then...
*Throwback to the time I saw a Catbird out the radio station window... 

It seems like I missed some amazing opportunity to see another rare bird, this time in Grande-Digue. There's a thing in the Times Transcript about the Ash Throated Flycatcher... that everyone was freaking out about... it's supposed to be in Mexico, not Grande-Digue. 
So, I need a heads-up when these bird alerts are happening. I'm an amateur, I don't know where to get my breaking bird news from... I need you to contact Tony... even if it means going to his house... let him know all the breaking bird news... then I will get it from him. 
It's very good for my stress to go birdwatching... but it has the opposite affect when I miss something cool like a flamingo or a penguin... somebody told me they saw a penguin in Memramcook... is that some kind of hazing, ya think, or did that really happen? 


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