Fake Hallmark Holiday Movies 2021: Check out these Movies that should-have-been

Back with another batch of #FakeHallmarkHolidayMovie Titles for 2021!
Wed Dec 1st
An Evergreen that's Everblue: Branchy the Brokenhearted Tree finds a Friend at Christmas. An instant classic animated heartwarmer for the whole family.
Thurs Dec 2nd
Wanda Honolulu and the Christmas Luau Mystery 2: Stranger on a Surfboard.
Friday Dec 3rd 
Constable Henrietta Swanson and the Christmas Eve collar

Sat Dec 4th
Shoelaces for Christmas: When Love Saved the Brubaker Textile Factory

Sun Dec 5th
The Dire Christmas Choir 3: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... Attempted Murder!

Mon Dec 6th
The man who sued Santa 2: No Trespassing in my Heart.

Tues Dec 7th 
A Deadline Christmas: The Column that saved the Waxahachie Wig Factory on Christmas Eve.

Wed Dec 8th
A Chalet Christmas 2: Princess Alice Hits the Slopes!

Thurs Dec 9th
Jurassic Christmas! Back... in Time... for Love!
Fri Dec 10th
Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart 2: Cardiologist Dr. Michael Newberry Saves Lives and Loves at Christmas.

Sat Dec 11th 
A Princely Christmas 4: Royal Quintuplets!!

Sun Dec 12th
Go Tell it on the Mountain: Mountaineer Sally Crimshaw and the Christmas Yeti.

Mon Dec 13th
Ho Ho Hold the Payments: The True Story of Christmas Love at Leon's (Canada's Furniture Superstore)

Tues Dec 14th
Christmas Rap Slam 2: MC Nick Saves the Downtownsville Youth Drop-in Centre
Wed Dec 15th
Ghost of Christmas Sass: A Fashionista Karen Muldoon Haunted Holiday Heartwarmer.
Thurs Dec 16th
Do You Hear What I Hear 2: Audiologist Angela Piper and the Miracle of Christmas Love.

Fri Dec 17th
Christmas comes to Hudson Haberdashery: The Hat that Love Made.
Sat Dec 18th 
Sealed with a Christmas Kiss: Yuletide Love comes to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

Sun Dec 19th
Appetite for Justice: Competitive eater Charlie 'Dunks' Magaffee fights to save the Flumptown Drop-in Center Charity Fruitcake Eating Competition.

Mon Dec 20th
A Snowman for the Queen: Royal Groundskeeper Chip Gollingsworth and the Christmas miracle at St Winifred's.

Tues Dec 21st
Yikes! I'm in Love with a Wiseman!? A Denise Santucci Time Travelling Holiday Mysteromancey.
Wed Dec 22nd
Christmas is Off the Rails! A Conductor's Journey to Find Christmas and... Himself.

Thurs Dec 23rd
Accidentally Glued Together at Christmas: Love Happens when you Least Expect it.
Fri Dec 24th
The Christmas Switch 6: the Switch Gets Flipped!
Here are the titles from 2020:

Thurs Dec 24
The Queen's Gambit 2: The Christmas Queen's Holiday Gambit of Romance

Wed Dec 23 
A Christmas Pickle 3: Locked in Big Apple Deli on Christmas Eve! 

Tues Dec 22 
Dolly Parton's Spoken Whispers 2: Whispers of Love

Mon Dec 21
Snow Globe 7: Shaken AND Stirred!

Sun Dec 20 
The Ghost of Wenceslas Past! Specter at the Brocton School of Performing Arts Holiday Showcase.  

Sat Dec 19 
A Clear Cut Christmas for Love: Environmentalist Mona Sinclaire's Crusade to save Pine Valley Woods. 

Fri Dec 18 
Oh Charles, you Dickens! A Haverville Book Emporium Holiday Haunt Hoot!

Thurs Dec 17 
Love Actually 2: Love Forsooth

Wed Dec 16 
Bad Hair Holiday: Who is sabotaging the Ms. Winsomeville Holiday Pageant?!

Tues. Dec 15 
It's a Wanda-full Life: Wanda Sykes is a comedienne who starts to doubt her comedic worth, until an angel reminds her that a joke filled with love can float straight up to heaven! 

Mon Dec 14 
Ru: The True Story of the Reindeer Who Saved Christmas

Sun Dec 13 
The Murderer ate Fruitcake: A Cassie Pomberfluke Bake Shop Yule Whodunnit

Sat Dec 12 
The Tarnished Christmas Angel: Pawnbroker Paul Stubb finds Yuletide Love 

Fri Dec 11 
Oh Snow You Di'int! The New Little Rascalz Holiday Adventure!!

Thurs Dec 10 
Ol' Dab and the Christmas Ghost: a Detective Dillard Dabney Haunting Holiday Whodunit.

Wed Dec 9 
Kiss Me With Your Mask on: Jack and Maria Frost find Holiday Romance in a time of Covid.   

Tues Dec 8
The Christmas Wish 3: How Frosty McSnowenstein came to Life One Day! (Narrated by Shaquille O'Neal and brought to you by Icy Hot® Patch - an Effective Pain Relief Solution.)

Mon Dec 7 
Dr. Handsome and Nurse Holly find Christmas Love amidst a salmonella scare at Poinsettia Ranch.

Sun Dec 6 
A family for Jennabeth and Sebastien: Miracle at the Christmas Valley Orphanage.  

Sat Dec 5 
Reindeer Overboard! A Mary-Anne Jacobson holiday mystery at sea. 

Fri Dec 4 
A Close Shave for Brady Kringle: Christmas love arrives in the "nick" of time!! (sponsored by Harry's and Axe Body Spray with limited interruptions)

Thurs  Dec 3 
Life and Taxes: Accountant Jerry Lane learns it really is a wonderful life.
(not affiliated with It's a Wonderful Life). Brought to you, commercial-free, by H&R Block.

Wed Dec 2 
Hot Pursuit in Mistletoe Junction: A Sheriff Babs McChristmas Holiday Mystery

Tues Dec 1 
The Plumber, the Plum Pudding, and Love: A Jack Handey holiday romance.


Fake Hallmark Holiday Movies, New for 2019:

Kangaroos at Christmas! A Lee Pet Grooming hopping holiday romance romp downundah. 

The Christmas Shoes 2: Mama loved Crocs©, a holiday heart warmer sponsored by Dandy Brand Hankies and Crocs© 

Christmas Cards: Jimmy 'Gambles' Rodriguez goes all-in on Yuletide Love.

The Town that put Rudolph in Quarantine before they learned to put Love First: The Holiday Lime Disease Panic of 2012.

It's a Wonderful Life 3: Chelsea Bailey's north pole quest for love. 

I Oop and Humbug! Ebenezer Meloche learns to love at Christmas.

A Christmas Wig for the Queen: a wigmaker Thelma Charlene royal romance.

No Kissing at Christmas: When Mononucleosis came to Kincade Mistletoe Farm.

Chompers the Christmas Crocodile meets Kris Kringle! An animated message of Yuletide inclusion.
The Christmas Pickle: a Sunnydale Delicatessen Holiday Mystery.

The Town that Christmas Forgot 4: Really, you guys?! You forgot again??? 

A tree-top Christmas: A Munroe Primate Sanctuary Holiday Adventure.

The Christmas Heist 2: Ho Ho Heist!

Released for Christmas: Johnny Malloy Learns to Love Again 

They're Suing Santa! Justice Leroy Jenkins' last trial.

Love and Worms: a Gancy Veterinary Clinic Christmas Tail.

Fire! in the Handle Department: A Shiverton Shovel Factory Holiday Mystery.

The Christmas Clippers: a Burt's Barber Shop Yule-time Romance.

Santa Who 2: He's got amnesia again.

The Christmas Letter 3: Similar but More Succinct.

Kitty Claus 2: Back to Make Christmas Purrrrfect.

Foul Play! Drama Teacher Barbara Budding and the Christmas Pageant that wasn't.

Wise Men in Manhattan: A time-travelling Holiday Romp for the Ages!

Switched at Christmas 2: Switched at Sea! A Tripper Twins Holiday Adventure.

Locked in the Walk-in for Christmas! A Larry's Butcher Shop Harrowing Holiday Tale.

Who Stole Lil Baby J? A Youth Pastor Duddy McGruber Living Nativity Whodunit.

Empty Stockings: The Tenth Street Orphanage Teaches a Town to Love at Christmas.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Christmas: The Town of West Grove versus the Shadyside Nudist Resort.

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus 2: New Evidence.

Just Sweet Enough: The inspiring story of Darlene Christmas and Gerta Wanamaker and the Wanamaker Christmas Cookie Factory.

Pre 2019 Archive:

Christmas Eve Cookout: A Sherriff Don Badger Holiday Mystery. #FakeHallmarkHolidayMovies

Crashing Through the Snow: Stuntman Dave DJ Johnson Saves Christmas, Finds Love. #FakeHallmarkHolidayMovies

Captain Christmas and Kandy Cane: the Naughty List Elves Save the Holidays. #FakeHallmarkHolidayMovies

Would You Like Love With That? A Shelly’s Diner Holiday Romance. #FakeHallmarkHolidayMovies

A Christmas Tree Without a Home: When Love Comes to the Orphanage. #fakehallmarkholidaymovies

Mistletoe and Monkey Wrenches: A Plumber Tom Peters Holiday Whahappened! #fakehallmarkholidaymovies

The Holiday Switcheroo: a Wintertown Model Railway Club mystery. #fakehallmarkholidaymovies

Runaway Sleigh! Terror at the Culpepper Christmas Festival. #fakehallmarkholidaymovies

Algorithm for Love: The Christmas Hack. #fakehallmarkholidaymovies

Terror on Candy Cane Lane 2 : the return of Nethaniel Wintergreen.

Christmas in Cotton Blends: A Preston School of Fashion Holiday Romance.

Santa in Sandals: A Jacksonville Holiday Romance.

Make Christmas Great Again: A Congresswoman Allie Powell Holiday.

Run Run Rudolph: A Zoologist Jimmy McGavin Christmas Mystery.

Meet Me Over the Mistletoe: Colonel Joseph McGivin’s Holiday in Space.

On the First Day of Christmas my True Love Sent to Me… An Assassination Attempt! A Shawn Simons-of-the-Secret-Service Holiday Mystery.

When Love Blooms at Christmas: A Stephenson Poinsettia Farm Holiday Romance.

Murder in the Reindeer Barn: A Jergenson Hobby Farm Mystery.

The Town that Misplaced Love at Christmastime.

The Little Drummer Man’s Last Solo: A Rockin John Travelling Band Mystery.

A Toy Duck for Jimmy: When Love Conquers All.

Dashing Through the Snow with Dashing Stu LeBeau: the Great Noeltown Snowmobile Race.

The Holiday Switcheroo: a Wintertown Model Railway Club mystery.

Stuck Between Floors at Christmas: A Love Lift Holiday.

Have Yourself a Terri Little Christmas: A Terri Little, Attorney-at-Law, Holiday Mystery.

Jingle Bells Followed by Silence: A Henrietta Wigglesworth Christmas Pageant Mystery.

The Melting Snowman Mystery: A Weatherman Wallace Holiday Adventure.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Because I Hear Love.

The Christmas Angel that Came to Life on Christmas Eve and helped Beverly Learn the True Meaning of Christmas Love.

The Holiday Mix-up: A Hearty Yum Trailmix Factory Holiday Mystery.

The Lynch Who Stole Christmas: A ‘Master Thief’ Jimmy Lynch Holiday Hijinks Story.

Love by Candlelight; Death by Candy Cane: A Harnishville Candy Store Whodunit.

A Pinata for Johnny: Love Shines Bright at Christmastime.

Santa has Big Boots to Fill: A Harold’s Haberdashery Holiday Whodunit.

Love Comes Down the Chimney: A Gillis Masonry Holiday Romance.

Christmas Without Papa: A Heath Fletcher- Undercover Trucker- Seasonal Tale.

Word to the Wiseman: A Father John Briggs Chrismystery.

Miracle on 35th Street: An Uber Holiday Adventure.

Love Wrapped Up in a Bow: A Sally Crackers’ Gift-Wrapping-Booth Romance.

The Town that Found Love inside a Box Wrapped in Paper that was Made at the Town Pulp and Paper Mill.

Have Yourself a Dairy Little Christmas: An Allentown Dairy Farm Christmas Caper.

The Naughty List 2: Jane C Richmond’s Revenge.

Looking for Kris Kringle and Finding Love: A Melissa Carmichael Holiday Romance.

Mrs. Claus takes a holiday: A Jessica Claus Surfing Adventure.

Milk and Bookies: A Forensic Accountant Jack Taylor Holiday Mystery.

Dashing Through the Dough 2: A Fitzgerald Pizzeria Romance Mystery for the Holidays.

Blue Christmas for Violet Noel: A Holiday Romance Adventure.

A Pony for Joanie: A ‘Cowgirl Joanie Keevers’ Christmas Adventure.

What’s Up your Sleeve this Christmas Eve? A Rhudini-the-Magnificent Magical Christmas Mystery

Twas the Fight Before Christmas: A Detective Ray Da Vinci Mystery (guest starring Pugs McGee as ‘Champ’.)

Silent Night: A Sally Jenkins, Nightime Librarian, Holiday Mystery

Mrs. Fish’s Christmas Wishes: A Patty’s Pet Store Holiday Whodunit

Danger in the Manger: a Parklane Church Christmas Concert Mystery

Lovealanche: Trapped in Holidaytown at Christmas!

The Nightmare After Christmas: the Canadian Boxing Day Ice Storm Bank-Heist Hostage-Taking.

Silent Night, Goalie Night: A Christmasville Rec Hockey League Miracle on Ice

Would You Like Love With That? A Shelly’s Diner Holiday Romance

The Haunted Music Box: A Pawnista Petunia Winterbottom Holiday Mystery

Terror on Candy Cane Lane 3 : Lucinda Frostbite is Alive!

Silent Night 2: Silent Daze. A Christmasville Public Library Mystery.

How Avalanchetown got its name: A seismologist Jerry Piff Christmas Thriller!

Santa fell! (In love) A North Pole romance mystery caper whodunit.

All I want for Christmas is my biological mother to tell me why I'm clairvoyant: a Lucy Le Rose holiday event.

Jingle Bell Rock- The True Story of the Christmastown Diamond Heist and the Pageant Coordinator who Cracked the Case.

Terror at the Tri State Sleigh Race: a Sassy McGibbons Holiday Romp.

Three Wise Men and a Baby 2: Another Wise Man.

The Manger Scene Mystery 2: the Donkey Thief Wore Cowboy Boots.

Supreme Court Santa Claus: a District Attorney Sally Ford Courtroom Adventure.

Ski Gloves and True Loves: Romance comes to Sugar Cookie Ski Lodge.

Merry Christmas to All and To All a Badd Night: A Sheriff John Badd Holiday Sleuth-Noodler.

The Christmas Break Up 2: Love Finds Principal Lowenstein.

Two Eyes Made Out of Coal: the Christmasville Snowman Festival Maimings.

The Spy Who loved Plum Pudding: a Holly's Bake Shop Mystery.

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, On Murder: a Sunnyvale Christmas Pageant Whodunit Featuring Choreographer Dustin Clancy.

The Christmas Star Wish 2- Wishing For More Wishes: A Holly Daye Antique Shop Supernatural Love Story.

Love! At The Christmas Tree Lot Where They Didn't Have The Proper Permits And Will Be Forced To Shut Down Unless There's A Miracle: An Attorney John Cupid Holiday Heart Wrencher.

Santa Looked A Lot Like Patti: A Detective Patti Wainwright Holiday Musical Whodunit (Live from Kennedy Space Center.)

Fleeced at Christmastime! A Katzenberg Sheep Farm Animated Adventure for the Holidays.

The Elf Who Broke Christmas 2: Return of FizzyDunkel.

Which Nick Did I Marry? When Dr Cloner Von Cloningstein Came To Santa Claus Village.

How Mrs. Claus Got Her Groove Back: A Live Holiday Musical Event from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Sleigh Full of Snakes! Terror on Christmas Eve.

Rudolph and Clarice Are Missing! A Zoologist Zoey Branscombe Holiday Mystery Live From San Diego Zoo!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas... Again... Because: Cats! A Hilarious Heathcliff Holiday Happening!

Snow Storm On Pageant Night: The Year Chrissy Lost The Christmas Pageant Crown But Found that True Friendship is Worth its Weight in Taffeta.

The Haunted Christmas Card: A Sally's Stamp Shop Mystery.

The Knight Before Christmas: A Physicist Elizabeth Stonemire Time Travel Holiday Romance.

The Christmasville Light Fight: A Town Divided That Only Love Can Save.

Christmas Rekindling: Princess Charlene Finds Love Among the Commonfolk.

The Old Cabin Christmas: Daryl Hasenpfeffer and the Mysterious Stranger.

Victoria Von Grinchenstein is a Christmas Meanie! - A Kringle's Department Store Family Drama For the Holidays.

The Christmas that Almost Wasn't, Then Was, Then Wasn't Again For Other Reasons, Then Love Found a Way.

The Christmas Meltdown: a Winterberry Nuclear Power Plant High-Stakes Holiday Drama.

Mistletoe for Ravensblood: a Vampire's First Christmas.

Snow on Christmas Day: How Meteorologist Charlie Brooker made one little girl's Christmas Wish come true, and learned a little something about Love in the process.

Silent Knight 2018: a Shining Armor LARP Association© Christmas Romancedy!

Flash Flood on Christmas Eve: How Chauncy the Kangaroo Saved Santa.

Smooched! The True Story of the Mistletoe Falls Christmas Pageant Versus the United States Supreme Court.

Death by Fruitcake: a Barry Nicholas Holiday WhaaHappened Mystery.

Lovealanche 2: Richter Scale Overload! A Christmas Valley Magical Romance for the Holidays.

It's a Wonderful Life 2: ZuZu and Clarence Jr. Save the Christmas Pony- an instant classic animated holiday special event.