Christmas Tree related injuries are up 122% over last year

People putting up Christmas trees are injuring themselves in record numbers according to THIS survey.
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The survey says 1 in 5 people have been injured putting up their Christmas tree this year.
Most of the injured were men.
No doubt most of the injuries were cuts or bruises... what other ways would someone get hurt putting up a Christmas tree??

Top 5 lesser-known Christmas Tree related injuries or conditions:
- 5 Contusions after falling from tree in failed attempt to climb to top "for old times sake"
- 4 Cut, poked or gouged by star (especially if using Ninja throwing star instead of traditional topper)
- 3 Broken knuckles after trying to punch the tree into submission
- 2 Skin abrasions after falling asleep with face in tree following exhausting night of decorating
- 1 Tinsel Itch© 

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