What a Weird Week, Sun November 29 2020: The One with the Cheating Doctor, Season 1, Episode 16

What a Weird Week: The Top Ten Weird Stories of the Week Podcast.
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5 The Doctor, the patient, and the mistress
A guy is in the news for suing his doctor for 2.9 million... 
a few years ago he went to the doctor because he was depressed about his wife having an affair... it turned out the wife really was having an affair and it was with the doctor. That is a cable movie... or an episode of television's Monk... really want that show to come back... 
The doctor tried to help the man with his failing marriage by prescribing marijuana.
- the man ended up getting divorced
- one of the things in the story is that the doctor is an MD but is also a certified laughter yoga leader.
He could be laughing at you the whole appointment and you'd be like "Is this therapy... or is he laughing at me because he's dating my wife?" so that would be pretty disconcerting... I'm siding with the patient on this one, Doc, you took an oath!

4 Scams we all could fall for! (Number 4 is a special report on scamenation)
The story this week from Toronto about a guy who applied for a work-from-home job with a National company (Sobeys)... he got the job and they sent him a cheque for $3500 to buy a laptop and some gear. Then the guy got an invoice from the place that was supplying the laptop... he paid them with the $3500... 
so (recap) he applied for a job.... got the job... got a cheque for $3500 for equipment... got an invoice from the equipment supplier saying your gear is on the way... then... the original cheque for $3500 bounced... that laptop was never really on the way... and the man's bank said too bad, but now you owe us $3500 which we are taking out of your tax free savings account.
It turns out even the website where the guy applied for the job was fake... fake website, fake job, fake cheque, fake invoice, but real debt.
Then CBC news got in touch with the bank and that bank had a change of heart! They gave the dude back his money! (The bank was fooled by the fake cheque too, so, headsup, stay sexy and don't get scammed.)

3 Weird Metal Object in Utah desert...
This helicopter crew was counting bighorn sheep when they saw something weird... 
"The crew circled back and landed the helicopter to take a closer look. They couldn’t believe their eyes." 
... it was a 12 foot tall metal monolith sticking out of the ground... just shiny metal... maybe two feet wide by two feet deep by 12 feet tall... the helicopter crew laid hands on it and looked it over pretty good and they couldn't figure out what it was... in the new interview they say maybe it's an art installation... but it's in a pretty remote place, I remain unconvinced...
*Update! The thing is now missing... removed. No one knows who took it away. (https://twitter.com/i/events/1333050885417562113)
Shoutout to my  buddy Tony for taking an interest and sending me the link today.

2 Scream Therapy Website Getting Busy #holidays...
I saw a thing online this week for this JustScreamBaby website where you submit your screams... scream therapy... offload that anger and frustration... give it over to the website, they'll take your frustration away... 
You call them and scream at them... and if you really want to give them a good submission, hold everything in all day then call. They asked for it. They literally asked for it. Here's the scream hotline: 1-561-567-8431 (assume that the call costs $$$).
After you scream-call, they put your submission on the website JustScream.baby 
From their website:
"Thanks for screaming!
We have gotten over 3500 new screams in the last 24 hours. Wow! Please stay tuned. It's going to take a while to screen all of the recordings."
Their instructions for how it works: 
"Step 1 
Call +1-561-567-8431. Don’t worry! There is no live human on the other end of the line.
Step 2
Scream. Wait for the beep. Scream. Hang up. That’s all there is to it.
Step 3 (Optional)
Come back tomorrow
Screams are updated daily."

Honorable mentions...

Honorable Mention for Clickbait Headline
"Minks infected with a mutated form of COVID-19 rise from graves after mass culling" (Joshua Bote USA TODAY)
So, they're not coming back to life, they're just lifting out of the grave, because of accumulating gasses in the... anyway.... not as weird as the headline.

Author's Top Secret Short Story Gains Attention, honorobale mention
Seems like an AWFUL LOT of WORK
"In case you missed it we are searching for 1000 words!  Will Maclean signed 1000 copies of his book The Apparition Phase & in each copy he wrote 1 word.  Put together these 1000 words make a story.
Twitter please help to find the 1000 words! Please Retweet
Pretty cool idea. Honorable Mention.

1 NB's Covid Press Conference is trending around the world because of #PeeGate ...
Here at home, we don't get too many weird news happenings that trend around the world. It happened this week though, and if you're from the East Coast you heard about this plenty... but if you're listening and you're like "What is this #PeeGate?"
Here's our top doctor taking a question at a Covid19 Update Press Conference... SOMEONE forgot to mute their mic and had to pee...
Some of the YouTube comments:
* "I guess New Brunswick is moving into the Yellow Zone" - Adam
* "Talk about live streaming, I wonder if this will leak to mainstream media." - MOmerG
* "This is gold" - Nick
Side note: YouTube comments aren't just filled with hate and aweful things... sometimes there's genuine humour there... but still mostly it's hate I think.