What a Weird Week Podcast for Nov 8, 2020: The One with the Space Pancakes (Season 1, Episode 14)

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10 This kid rattles off 50 cartoon characters in a minute to get in the Guinness Book of World Records!
A 5-year-old kid who can memorize stuff like nobody's business got trending this week because he's in the GBR (we're taking that one for a test drive... Guiness Book of Records). It's a nice story.
Wait to See: This kid will be the first 5 year old banned from vegas for card counting. Retired at age 6.

9 Killer Iceberg on the Rampage:
Iceberg-tracking scientists reported this week that the biggest iceberg in the world is headed towards a little island where penguins and seals live... thousands of penguins!
Iceberg A68a is described as "shaped like a hand pointing a finger". It broke off of the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica.
- iceberg is 160 Kilometres long and 48 kilometres wide.
- 50/50 chance that it'll run aground in 3 or 4 weeks
- if it does hit South Georgia Island, it'll screw up the food chain for so many penguins that the WPP (world penguin population) will be affected.
Question: Why aren't they sending in a crew to blow this up like in the movies? It seems easier than sending a crew of astronauts to destroy an asteroid that's on a collision-course with earth, and we got that done in the blockbuster release known as Armageddon... this time around they don't even have to wear space suits... just hats and mitts... ???

8 Duck-Billed Glowypus...
Science has just discovered that platypus fur glows under UV light...
discovery was made a rave in downtown Birdsville.

7 Whale Tail Sculpture Catches Train, and our Hearts...
This elevated train in the Netherlands smashed through the end of the track, but instead of falling down to the ground, it stopped on a whale tail statue. The photo is fantastic. It could've been a disaster but ended up a lighthearted headline. The statue probably saved the driver's life.
Commentary: No offense to art experts, but, this statue  wins. Has Venus de Milo ever saved an engineer's life? No. No she hasn't. Has the Statue of Liberty ever caught a skydiver whose chute didn't open? That would be cool.

6 When this New Disney Animatronic Makes Eye Contact, You will confess everything...
I am a Disney fan, I've gone to the parks and I like it there... if you've never been... when they upgraded Pirates of the Caribbean to have the Johnny Depp/ Capt Jack animatronic at the end of the ride, it was pretty convincing. It looks like it's really Johnny Depp. Now they've revealed even better technology to blur the line between real people and theme park cyborg, and it's in the eyes. They've figured out how to make the eyes track. It's great and then also bean-freaking.
It doesn't help that the thing has no skin yet. 

5 Followup to the baby shark story...
It is the most-viewed thing on YouTube!
That is all. (over 7 Billion views, btw)

4 Anxious to play some Xmas music? You might do yourself some damage!
Whiskeyriff had an article this week quoting a psychologist who says that playing Christmas music too early can be bad for your mental health. As near as I can tell from the article, it's because hearing Xmas music reminds you that you have too much to do before Christmas.
If Christmas music makes you happy, because I think it makes me happy, then I guess we aren't doing it right??

3 'Contact Lens-installing, Mr Roboto'
A guy in Florida has invented a robot that puts in and takes out your contact lenses for you... 
this fellow can't see well without his contacts, so it's a hard process, when you can't see well to begin with... there are other things like people with arthritis or something like that, now you can just ask the robot to put in your contacts and bloop bloop blip bleep, you're good to go. They're doing trials now, and this thing might come out next year. I'm having some trust issues with the robot that is sticking things in my eye. The Eye Gouger 3000. That's a terrible name. Maybe The Socket Rocket?
(There's video at the link... I didn't post it because... squeamish.)

2 (Number 2 spot for audacity) the article that boasted "Scientists think they've solved a 99 million year old fossil mystery"...
That's a headline that gets me all fired up... ready to do a special episode for the patreons... dinosaurs are big baby, BIG!
Spoilers ahead... they had these fossils in amber ( the photos are pretty cool)... they thought they were ancient chameleons, it turns out they were something chameleon-like instead. That's it. I mean, maybe there's more, but I doubt it. I stopped reading after they broke my heart though.

1 This headline: "NASA's Curiosity rover spots unusually shiny Mars rock shaped like a pancake"...
Whenever there are space pancakes in the news, we have to make that the number one story of the week.
Space Pancakes, y'all! The Curiosity rover on Mars snapped a picture of a kind of shiny(?) flat rock which captured all our imaginations this week, as we wondered, "Could there be pancakes on Mars?!"
I don't know, it seems like they're writing this as though they're trying to be funny... like 'Hey we get it, they're just rocks.' I give the article full points for headline supremacy and for not taking themselves too seriously in a time where you're supposed to be supes somber serious.