What a Weird Week Nov 22 2020: The One with Coats of Stuffing s1 e15

What a Weird Week: The Top Ten Weird Stories of the Week.
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10 The less rare "Minute Diamond"...
The headline: "Scientists create diamonds at room temperature in minutes"
Every article I saw about this went for the Diamonds are Forever trope... could've gone with Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend also...
- It used to take billions of years for diamonds to form deep in the earth... with heat and pressure
- Now Scientists can whip you up a diamond in the lab in minutes and at room temperature
- But hey, don't they already have diamonds made in labortories? Yes. Yes they do. This way seems faster and did we mention the room temperature thing? That's new.
- What will happen to diamonds as we know them? They will be sold in drive-thru fast food restaurants... if you order hash browns with your diamond, you'll have to pull ahead and wait a few minutes.

9 Stop-Motion Rudolph sold at auction!
When you're watching the 1964 Christmas special "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" this year, and you see Santa a Rudolph together, you can turn to whoever is there with you and amaze them with this fact: Rudolph and Santa sold for $368,000! (around double what they thought the amount would be.) The buyer was anonymous. I'm just gonna guess that it was Tim Burton. That's based on zero research. Like, not even googling anything. Just pure guessing... or, as I like to call it, psychic ability! 
- Santa's beard is made of yak hair. So, when you're watching the special, remember that yak hair bit, that'll impress someone... my 18 month-old niece was astounded by the yak hair trivia.
- actual size: Rudolph is 6 inches tall and Santa is 11 inches tall.
- Rudolph's nose? You would even say it glows... because it still lights up.

8 Stove Top Stuffing's Line of Formalwear...
Now you can buy formal clothes from the people at Stovetop Stuffing to wear at your holiday dinner. The Stovetop Stuffing Clothing Line is inspired by the idea that, instead of wearing sweats to Thanksgiving/ Christmas dinner like everybody wants to because it's the only thing that fits after lockdown, they want you to wear their formal duds. 
The things you can buy... A red velvet dinner jacket with stuffing lining... is it edible? We don't think... also cufflinks... a reversible shawl with a stuffing print... a headband... and a pocket square. Is this USA only?? At time of blogging / recording we think so, but can't be sure because the website still says COMING SOON. Prices are between $4.79 and $30.
Suggested slogan: "Make Christmas Dinner even more of a sweaty, awkward mess by wearing our velvet coat!"
*makes the top ten list for getting attention, loses points for website*
UPDATE: STUFFING CLOTHES ARE SOLD OUT ALREADY: (https://letsgetstuffy.com/Notification/SoldOut)

7 Seagulls and their superpowers...
Scientists studying seagulls in the UK have figured out that the birds have adjusted their lunch time so it happens the same time as school lunch breaks. It seems obvious that seagulls would show up when the food shows up, but the experts say that there's more going on... seagulls know when to show up... and get there before the kids come out with delicious lunch (which I assume is fish and chips, with bangers and mash for dessert based on watching Coronation Street once.) 
- Seagulls like to eat food that's been handled by people (essentially, seagulls trust our judgment when it comes to good eating) (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/seagulls-steal-food-human-hand-exeter-a9357461.html)
- Experts say that you can chase seagull away from a picnic table with intense eye contact *will also work on me*

6 Not so fast, human aging process! (very proud of that headline)...
Headline: "Human ageing process biologically reversed in world first" 
Q: Why is this story not number one of all time?
A: We've got some soft drink stories in the running as well... so just be happy with a top ten spot, human ageing reversalists. 
- This is about undoing age-related damage at the chromosone level
- The cure for ageing according to the scientists is pure oxygen and time in a hyperbaric chamber
- it was just a study of 35 people... but they didn't change anything about their lifestyle, they just did time in the chamber thing and breathed that sweet oxygen.
Q: Does this seems too easy? A: Yes, yes it does seem too easy. Can't we all get one of those chambers in our bedroom? There's gotta be something I'm not getting...
Also, if you stay too long in the chamber what would happen? Would you be a wee lil baby? Who's gonna take care of you then? A: invest in daycares of the future!!!!

5 The Designing Nightmare that is ... the Pop Bottle...
- I didn't know that they called them two litre bottles in the USA?! Hashtag Metric!
- Pepsi USA has redesigned the two litre bottle after a thirty year run for the old design.
- How hard can it be? Very. Very hard to get right, according to designers. This seems weird, right? It's not like they were changing the concept... it's still a plastic bottle... it's not like they're going with a cube shape... "Pepsi, now in new balloon animal shaped bottles!" No, they're just changing the bottle a bit to maybe make it easier for consumers to grab... but it turns out a LOT of thinking went into this...
-  from the article: “You think, as a designer, how difficult is it to redesign a bottle?” muses Mauro Porcini, SVP and chief design officer at PepsiCo. “The reality is, when you need to redesign a bottle with this scale . . . and this impact on the world and business, it is probably one of the most difficult projects I ever faced in my career.”
Also learned:
- average hand size is between 7 inches and 8.6 inches of grasping area
- we should really enjoy a nice gripping ridge... like when a product features ridges, someone thought a long time about where to place them and what angle they should be at... I feel loved after reading this article
- Pepsi moved their label up the bottle a bit... not only do you have to think about your own product design... you have to think about where stores are gonna put your pop bottle... will the label be hidden by safety rails on the shelf??
Read the FastCompany article:

4 Apple Pie Pepsi Contest
We already had a Pepsi story but, here's another one because these weird social marketing brand promotions just... keep... coming!
If you post a pic of your baking fail and use their hashtag, you could win a bottle of their limited-run Apple Pie Pepsi! MMMMmmmmmbarf
Here's the tweet with details:

3 George Clooney and the Million Dollar Suitcase Secret
This week George Clooney confirmed a rumour about how he gave out fourteen suitcases - each one with a million dollars cash - to friends who helped him before he was famous. This story is completely bonkers.
Note: Details were confirmed by Clooney this week, but actually happened in  2013.
After the movie Gravity did so well (Clooney got some of the back end of that movie... they say Sandra Bullock made 70 million, so Clooney must've been in around there somewhere. Clooney decided to share the wealth with some dear friends... fourteen of them!
Here's how George Clooney got and delivered fourteen million dollars to his friends...
He found a place with a lot of cash... like piles of money on pallets... he got an old flower delivery van, backed it up into that vault place... and filled 14 satchels with a million dollars each. Next day, Clooney invites his friends over, explains that he appreciates what they've done for him, and, kablammy, here's a million bucks you guys.  
How is THIS story not a movie?

2 Become Holiday Cheermeister, get PAAAAAAID!
Reviews Dot Org wants you to watch 25 holiday movies, declare the best holiday movie of all time, then they'll pay you $2500! Wait, come back! Don't go watch yet... are you there? This is a contest, not a hire letter.
It's USA only and there are some other rules... (https://www.reviews.org/tv-service/holiday-movie-dream-job/) 
This might be the most fun thing you do this Christmas... or it might be the torture you need to... just feel... anything... again.
Being Canadian, I am ineligible but will still be doing this for free.

Honorable Mention:
This guy who decorates his house like a scene from Home Alone at Christmastime...

Honorable Mention: The Rockafeller Plaza NYC Christmas Tree getting needle-shamed on Twitter and the wee little owl that they found living in it once they set the tree up!

1 Bud Light gaming console auction...
I'm not a gamer... there is a game console war going on right now between PlayStation and XBox... and then Bud Light comes out with a console that looks like a six pack, and it's gonna go to the highest bidder for a huge amount of money... last I checked, the bid was up to $15000!! (https://www.shopbeergear.com/products/bl6-the-coolest-cooler-ever)