School News: Petitcodiac Regional High Grad Class Pizza Fundraiser

- Petitcodiac Regional High School Grads are doing a Greco Pizza Coupons Blitz! For $22.00 you get a 15 inch pizza and a 12 inch garlic fingers. (This saves you like $14 bucks!)

- Buy one for that special someone on you Christmas list... buy one for yourself... buy one for that romantic interest who doesn't realize that they're a terrible cook... the possibilities are endless!
*Note: this coupon is valid for the Sussex Greco only.

- Contact a Grad or Petitcodiac Regional School office to purchase or get more info. Petitcodiac Regional School: 506-756-3104 or CLICK.

- Coupon Sale is on until December 18th or until all coupons are sold.

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