*Update: Sold Out as of Dec 12th! Thank you!! * Riverview Boys and Girls Club Xmas Tree Lot 2020 is Nov 27 to Dec 20

*Update: Tree Lot is Sold Out. Thanks for supporting the kids!*
end update. 
- What: Riverview Boys & Girls Club's Christmas Tree Lot is a fundraiser where you buy a Christmas Tree and it helps the kids. 
Editor's Note: Often we talk about fundraisers where you eat food and it helps a charity, but most people participating in this Xmas tree fundraiser find that just displaying the tree is enough to make you feel good. If you decide to eat your Christmas Tree because you have a policy where you only take part in food fundraisers, please consult your dietician first. Remember, Christmas Tree Tea is best steeped, not boiled.
- Where: Tree Lot is in the parking lot of Downey's Home Hardware on Pinewood Rd in Riverview (across from the fire station)
- When: opening Fri Nov 27th and closing Dec 20th (or when they run outta trees (Hours for 2020 are Mon-Fri from 1p to 8p.)
- Call for more info: 387-7070

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