What a Weird Week podcast for Sun Oct 18, 2020: The one with the Shoebox Full of Cursed Items (Season 1, Episode 10)

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This week the BBC had an article about how great cow hugging is. It's a real thing where you take a tour of a farm, then you spend a couple hours with a cow. It's supposed to be better than hugging a smaller pet. How much truth?? The only study mentioned in the article is about how great the cows do when we hug them... no actual data on how people do.
I would get so much anxiety walking up to a cow... that of course I'm gonna feel better afterwards. Just by not dying, by not getting eaten by that cow, I'd feel so great after.
(End theme from the Friendly Giant... My brother always watched to the end of that show to see the cow jump over the moon. My mother used to mess with him and claim she never saw it. He's still pretty messed up)

This week, the US Army story was trending about the dogs they have for combat missions, and the goggles the dogs wear. The first obvious question is why weren't these dog goggles called Doggles©? Followup: Who do I talk to about that??
The reason these dogs are getting goggles is so we can send dogs into situations without their handler right there beside the pooch. The war pooch gets all the benefits of having a handler telling them what to do, but all through these Dog goggles!!
Plus, the handler gets to see through the dog's point of view, which might be hilarious!!! (or militarily valuable.)
Here's a quote: "The preliminary prototype has proven effective and the project is now in its second phase. The system is currently not wireless, so the next two years will focus on producing a wireless, production-ready device."
So, right now the dog goggles plug in I guess? Nice that they'll go wireless in two years, I guess?
Then, we clone Lassie... and give her Dog Googles, and our enemies get smited like crazy.
This is not the first time we've had bad luck mementos on the podcast... (https://www.scottyandtony.com/2020/08/podcast-sun-aug-8-season-1-ep-1-one.html)...
A Canadian lady named Nicole made the news this week for returning some artifacts that she stole from the Pompeii historical site in Rome.
Nicole said she was "young and stupid" when she took pieces of ceramic and some other stuff... then the bad luck started! She gets into it more here: (https://people.com/travel/tourist-returns-artifacts-stolen-pompeii-claiming-curse/).
She sent the stuff to the Archaeological Park of Pompeii with her note, and the people there say it's happened a hundred times! People have returned bad luck mementos a hundred times!!? They should add that to the sign about not stealing things.  
"Stealing is wrong. Also, you will be tormented by bad luck."
Also, do you think they have a Bad Luck Rock Replacement Specialist? Or do they just throw that stuff into a shoe box with the rest of the cursed objects? 

James Hobson (The Hacksmith on Youtube) made a lightsaber that gets up to 4000 degrees... partly because the internet said his other attempts at lightsabers weren't dangerous enough (paraphrasing)

A guy named Joel (Brigham Young University-Idaho student) made a very large Slip-n-Slide... dug a trench into the side of a hill, put down all these tarps, ran a hose, and it was a fast one. So last week he finally decided to call the Sheriff's Dept as official witnesses, and attempted the fastest slide in the world.
Will Guinness put it in the book? We're supposed to find out in January. #WaitToSee

5 Good Nobel Prize Neighbors:
When they picked this one guy to win a Nobel Prize for economics, they realized that they didn't have his contact info... so they asked his neighbor to go over and knock on the door in the middle of the night. Also of note, the neighbor had also won the Nobel Prize. They'll share the 1.1 million dollar prize.
The doorbell cam video is pretty great...

Another pilot called in to report a jet pack near LA International Airport... same thing happened in August.
Last time it was at 3000 feet, this time it was at 6000 feet, so twice as high up. Last time the FBI got involved but no answers yet...
- a rich LA person is doing some dangerous jetpacking
- all the pilots who reported this are wrong
- Iron Man is real
- therefore aliens?
icymi, I explained last week about my JPO (Jet Pack Obsession.) My friend in Grade 2, Jimmy Mckenzie said his book bag was a jet pack and jumped off the monkey bars. Years later I realized that Jimmy didn't own a jet pack and I tried to sue him for JPF (Jet Pack Fraud.)
Here's the Jet Pack we had in the last podcast... it's costs around a half million.

3 The Robots are one step closer to Total Domination:
Google announced this deal where you can hum or whistle a tune and the robots will try to figure out what song you mean. More helpful than ever because on places like TikTok, sometimes those trending songs go by so fast, and you don't know the song, but one line is stuck in your head all day.
Now you'll be able to figure it out, and have time to worry about other things...
Suggestions: worry about the best kind of sandwich, whether you put on deodorant, or if you should by a reasonably-priced hat. Also worry about how you're gonna fix the world, maybe?
Use your own judgment.

So... is this a green gimmick or real, earth-changing stuff? I still can't tell (but I suffer from extreme Jade-mosis... I am in a constant state of being jaded.) 
TreeCard is a new free debit card you can sign up for that is made out of sustainable cherry wood. The card looks a lot like a regular bank card, except it's not plastic. How does this help planet earth? Well, the company says that 80% of their profits will go back into tree planting efforts. The company gets a little transaction money from the business whenever you pay with the card, so that's where the money comes from. 
One more point... if you're ever stuck in the woods like Survivor Man, you could use your wooden bank card to start a life-saving fire maybe!

honourable mention:
This LA Times article about the richest king in the world... the King of Thailand is the richest king in the world. Would you have guessed the King of Thailand was the richest king in the world? I did not guess that. This is a story full of mystery and corruption, and what looks to be a solid gold jacket.

1 These Halloweeners Knocking it out of the park this week!
The other day we put this Halloween House on our blog that had such good special effects that someone called the Fire Department.
A couple days later we had something built by a retired Fisher Price engineer in New York. At time of posting, no one has called authorities or exterminators.
So if you don't have a chance to look at the show notes, imagine a house that kind of looks like it's on fire, then imagine a different house with a very large spider in the yard. That's it. You're good.

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