What a Weird Week podcast for Sat Oct 3, 2020: The one with the Walnut Smashing (Season 1, Episode 9)

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If you invent a robot butler, you're making the top ten list for sure. If it's described as hanging from the ceiling like a bat, you will be deducted several points for creepiness. If you don't have a chance to click the link, it looks like a robot arm from the Jetsons which comes down from the ceiling when needed to put dishes away or perhaps wave sharp knives around... *citation*.
BTW, if you didn't get the Jetsons reference, it's a 60 year-old cartoon which predicted the future concerning robots, and employer/employee relations.
In Summation: as the population gets older, and increasingly cantankerous, robot butlers will be there when no one else can stand to be around us. Thank you, robot butlers.

There is a slim to none chance that you didn't hear about this one because everybody reported it before the President got Covid. Courts in Ireland have ruled that Subway bread has too much sugar to legally be called bread, so now it's grouped in with delicious cake! I've dreamed of this day for a long time... a day when you could go to Subway and order a savoury Cold Cut Combo and when they say "What did you want that on?" you say "Cake!" This is the kind of cake news we're looking for. Well done, Subway!
BTW, this wasn't about cake versus bread really... like, there isn't an Irish court that's in charge of breads and cakes... although that would make a pretty good crime procedural... this was about paying less taxes if you sell bread, because bread is considered a staple food. That's why this required a court ruling. Summation: Cake aint no staple. 

If this one slipped under the radar, it might've been because the crows didn't want you to know so they hacked your algorithm. 
We've known for a while that crows are really smart. They have a tiny little bird brain but they are smart. 
Now, researchers say that crows know what they know and can think about thinking... seems like a waste of time and who cares, they still mess up the green bags on garbage day... but researchers used to think only people and maybe a couple other really smart animals were able to think about what they were thinking about.
If you want to read the study to figure out how researchers learned all this, have at it... 
nowhere in there does it discuss how we can defend ourselves if crows decide to organize and take over?! Those researchers need to start designing a peck proof suit... or we're gonna get pecked like crazy. Pecked into submission? That's how the world ends.

7 Halloween Candy is Selling like Crazy! People don't even know if they'll have Trick-or-Treaters!
I heard a Business Wars podcast about how some candy companies didn't produce as much Halloween candy this year because they were unsure of the market. Then we had that story about Marshmallow Peeps taking Halloween off completely!
Now the latest stats show we're buying MORE Halloween candy than we did last year!?
*up 26 % compared to the same time last year.
Here in the Atlantic Bubble things look better for actually having a Halloween, but a LOT of places will be canceling Trick-or-Treating this year. Even so, we are buying more candy. We're finally just being honest about it... that candy is for us. Last year, we'd say "Just in case we get more kids this year, I better get 400 extra teeny tiny chocolate bars."
Guilty as charged.

It's true that I have a Jet Pack obsession. It all started when I was in grade 2 and Jimmy Mckenzie said his book bag had a jet pack in it and jumped off the monkey bars. Jet Pack Jimmy landed on a grade six kid who cushioned Jimmy's fall. Then  Jimmy was given a super colossal atomic wedgie to teach him a lesson about Jet pack fraud.
See, Jimmy didn't have a jet pack in his book bag. 
Jimmy's bold Jet Pack lie caused me to be suspicious- yet-fascinated of all Jet Pack claims. 
It looks like this latest Jet Pack test may be legit. 
They hope that paramedics will be able to wear a Jet Pack to get to people who need medical help faster. The inventor is also talking to the military.
The Jet Pack suit costs a little under half a million.

Every year at this National Park in Alaska, they do a a Fat Bear competition. The goal is to spot a fat bear, or I guess if you're the bear, the goal is to BE a fat bear... it's about raising bear awareness (bearwareness©), and bearthusiasm© as bears pack on weight before hibernation. 
Now there's a Fat Bear Week bracket so you can gamble with your buddies and try to predict which bear will be crowned Fattest  Bear in the Land. Videos, and more info in the show notes.

This week the news came out about a plastic-eating enzyme that may save our planet. It's the Plastic Eating Super Enzyme that we don't deserve. A different approach to recycling and getting rid of plastic in the environment!! 
Note to scientists: don't keep the plastic-eating enzyme in a plastic container. I mean, you prollyu knew that, but I'd hate for no one to say it out loud and then you go and put the plastic-eating-enzyme in a plastic container and it just eats the container and escapes. Oh man, what if it escaped the lab and somehow got into a plastic surgeon's office? 
Let's be careful out there, Enzyme Experts.

3 This week a Wildlife Park in the UK had to remove some parrots from public view because the parrots swore at visitors. Imagine you go to your favourite zoo and the parrots start swearing at you. Pretty soon things escalate and you start swearing back. 
How long until the whole zoo is swearing at each other and making obscene gestures. Don't get those monkeys started!
The parrots have been separated and that seems to have solved the swearing- they don't set each other off. BTW, most everyone found this funny but the trouble is, when the parrot swore and made somebody laugh, the parrot would keep doing it to get a reaction. 

2 We talked about this when the research came out... neck gaiters were worse than traditional face masks for helping stop the spread of Covid. The research actually kinda showed that neck gaiters might be worse than wearing no mask at all! Rather than get into again, here's a link: (https://www.scottyandtony.com/2020/08/im-still-on-team-mask-but-theres.html)
The new results: Single-layer gaiters had a 77% reduction in respiratory droplets compared to not wearing a mask... Two-layer Masks did a little bit better at 81%... the best result was multi-layer gaiters at 96%. So... 
Best: multi-layer GAITERS
2nd Place: two-layer masks
close 3rd place: single-layer gaiter!
(gaiters are not terrible at all) 

Honorable Mention: 
You can go to their website, fill out a thing, and send someone the gift of a taco.
It's like when ecards were all the rage, except now with more tacos! 

Most walnuts crushed with the head in one minute: 254 walnuts.
If you're not inspired to greatness after watching this guy smashing more than 250 walnuts with his head, what kind of monster are you?
Set a goal for yourself and achieve it!!!!
Maybe... just MAYBE... YOUR world record will be something that doesn't cause head trauma!!!
*Professional Walnut Smasher. Do Not Attempt.


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