*Update: Canceled! Send Noods, not nudes #KD #AdCampaign #Marketing #SendNoods #Funny!


Some people did NOT find this Ad Campaign funny at all... and accused the company of terrible things. This Cancel KD business seems like a slippery slope. 
  First they came for the macaroni-and-cheese, and I did not speak out, Because I thought it was an overreaction that would correct itself.
Then they came for the rotini noodles, and I did not speak out, Because I was like, 'Those things never cook right anyway'.
Then they came for all of the noodles, and I did not speak out, Because I needed to go buy Minute Rice, pronto!
Then they came for all the starches, and there was nothing left for lunch.

*End Update*

Cards on the table: KD is getting free advertising here. This aint paid-for in product or sweet, sweet cash money.
It's too funny not to share... Kraft Dinner got Vanessa Bayer to do a fake SNL-type ad for the new campaign... 
The first 7000 people to the website got to send free noods to somebody. That escalated fast - there's no more free stuff on there - but they still have discounts and, more importantly, they have advertised their way into our hearts and minds. I'm no Sherlock Einstein, but I believe they are advertising the fact that you can get Kraft products delivered right to your door. 
Because funny advertising gets us every time, here's the website: https://enjoynoods.com/

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