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🧛‍Halloween Curfews available at time of blogging:
DIEPPE: based on past years, we're gonna say Trick-or-Treating from 4:00p to 8:00p
MONCTON: Has no official Trick-or-Treating curfew, but encourages Trick-or-Treaters to go out between 4:00p and 8:00p for Halloween 2020
RIVERVIEW: Has no official Trick-or-Treating curfew, but recommends that you do it between 4p and 8p for Halloween 2020. In past years they've also mentioned By-law 700-20: "Youth are not allowed on streets after 10 p.m. without adult supervision."
MEMRAMCOOK: Usually encourages Trick-or-Treating between 4p and 8p* (based on past years)
HILLSBOROUGH: in past years they've gone with a 9:00p curfew
SHEDIAC: has Trick or Treating from 4p to 7p
REXTON: has Trick-or-Treating from 2p to 6p for Halloween 2020
RICHIBUCTO: Trick-or-Treat from 2p to 6p
Beaubassin East: Trick-orTreat from 2p to 8p
Cap Pele: Trick-or-Treat from 2p to 8p
🧛‍The Everything Unscripted Blog has a list of cool decorated houses for Halloween 2020 HERE  and a mapped route HERE

The NB Dept of Health says that places in the Yellow Zone are allowed to have trick-or-treating in the province this Halloween. There but there are some guidelines, and this could change if Covid conditions get terrible.
* Halloween Guideline Highlights:
- Indoor and Outdoor Halloween celebrations are allowed but the max number of people is 50 and you should keep track of names and contact info.
- Not everyone should do Halloween (if you have medical issues or a weakened immune system you should skip the shenanigans.)
- If you're doing Halloween, you should wear a face mask, not a costume mask. 
- Keep the trick-or-treating to one neighborhood and keep track of where you went... using the Covid Alert app is a good idea
- If your kids go trick-or-treating, they should avoid anyone who is high-risk for "several days" after Halloween
- If someone at your place is in a high risk group, put out a sign that says something like "Happy Halloween: No Visitors Please.” 
(Some specific advice for handing out treats:)
- It would be good to hand out things that aren't food to trick-or-treaters... like stickers, or books, or little toys.
- Sanitize your hands before touching treats.
- No home-made treats.
- Don't let kids take candy from a bowl unless the treats are spread out so that kids only touch the treat they're taking. Do up individual treat bags maybe!
- Disinfect any high touch areas. 

Some Halloween memories...

Our Formula for Excellent Halloween Costumes:
1) Think of a celeb
2) Think of something that rhymes
3) smoosh these 2 things together
eg. Tom Hanks + Spanx = Tom Spanx

Google has a page where you can see what the hottest costumes are for this year globally and locally...

Other costume ideas:

Should we be the Beachcombers this year?

Netflix Scary Movie List:

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