What a Weird Week Podcast for Mon Sept 7: Season 1, Episode 5, the one for Labor Day. #JetPacks #CaroleBaskin #SingingDogs #FlyingCars #FlyingKids

What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and weak. Follow us on Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek.

Recap of last show HERE.

10 Saving Lives with Paint. WITH PAINT!! #Birds 
First we all were like "We're saving the planet with green energy!"
Then someone was like, "Them windmills sure do kill a lotta birds."
Then we were like, "Saving the planet sure is hard. Back to the Space Colony idea I guess."
Then someone said, "Have you tried painting the windmill blades?"
Suddenly the birds are doing LOT better.
"Something as simple as black paint could be the key to reducing the number of birds that are killed each year by wind turbines... 70-percent drop."

"The sea was angry that day, my friends." - 4 year old talking to reporters. *citation needed.
Floatie enthusiasts, please read the label. Those things are not for international travel. 

Pierre is an endangered Rockhopper Penguin at the Perth Zoo. Someone was like, "Anyone know any good claymation shows for penguins?" *citation needed. 

Two things: it looks like fun, and if you have kids you instantly relate to the person who runs to catch that kid from what could've been big trouble. If you don't get a chance to watch, this lil kid is at a kite festival flying a kite and then, the kite starts flying the lil kid. Three years old!
Kid was OK.

6 Japan has flying cars. Or maybe flying car. This is kind of a big deal because a person flew it and there haven't been too many flying car tests around the world that included a passenger. 
The article just has a photo though, no video, so I call hoax. It looks a bit like a giant drone motorcycle. The test flight happened over a giant safety net. If it's NOT a hoax, they say 2023 is when we'll all have flying cars.  

This wild dog was supposedly extinct for 50 years, but they found some in Papua.
Two things: they're called singing dogs because their yelp kind of sounds like a whale song, and ... their yelp does not really sound like a whale. Let's be accurate here, call it a howler.

They've built tweezers that are able to pick up single molecules. Imagine the manscaping possibilities!

They need to do an all Tik Tok-ers season. #amiright

2 This guy at the city council meeting and his passionate anti-boneless-chicken-wings speech.

1 Jetpack sighting at 3000 feet! This article has a great intro: "Even in an era in which congress wants to openly investigate UFOs, a dude flying alongside an airliner over Los Angeles in a jetpack is still bonkers."
A few things: commercial pilots are very credible witnesses (probably wouldn't mistake a balloon or the planet Venus for a jet pack dude), happened at 3000 feet which would take incredible skill and technology to do (even if we had commonplace jet packs that could fly to 3000 feet it would still take an exceptional pilot to not die doing this), and this is so dangerous that it's hard to imagine it being a publicity stunt. #jetpackmystery

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