S1 E7 podcast! What a Weird Week for Sun Sept 20: The one with the candy AND pop shortage?!

What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. 
*May leave you feeling weird and/or weak. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek.

Recap of last show HERE.

10 Life on Venus! Yes, everybody had the story this week about Life on Venus. Yes, most of us heard it and thought of something bigger than a microbe... But they're talking about maybe microbes.
*Shoutout to you folks who thought of working in a "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" joke and then DIDN'T USE it. BTW, the pressure on Venus is 100 times greater than earth and it's 460 degrees. Venus... oh Venus

9 Giant Wiener Proposals! A few weeks ago, a guy named Zach N Cheese made the news for using his company car as part of asking his girlfriend to get married...
She said yes. Presumably she didn't care about the Giant Hot Dog Car photobombing the moment?? I mean, I doubt that she was on the fence about the whole thing and then was like "I wasn't so sure about this relationship, but then I saw your cool car and knew you were the one."
BTW, Zach N Cheese's Insta has been switched to private
Since that happened, Oscar Meyer has said that you can book the giant hot dog car for your next proposal! If your special someone is on the fence about spending the rest of their life with you, this will either be a terrific story to tell your kids, or  the beginning of a very sad period in your life that all began with your terrible decision to be zany on a serious occasion.

8 The candy that won't be around this Halloween... or even at Christmas! ICYMI, (doubtful, everybody had the story this week) there's a freakin' Peeps shortage!! 😓
Because of Covid, they closed the factory down, and now there will not be Peeps for Halloween or Christmas, or even Valentines Day!!? (so that they can focus on Easter demand.)
Peeps last for two years on the shelf. I just assumed that Peeps were made a couple years in advance and kept in the United States Treasury. Or the Indiana Jones warehouse.

7 Vinyl Records win. There was a time - you young kids coming up might not believe it - but there WAS a time when we all thought vinyl records were gone for good... kind of like the measles. CDs... compact discs were the new boss. That latest for a good while, then streaming came along and we forgot what that thing that goes in the middle of a 45 single was for. The news came out this week that vinyl records were outselling CDs again. It hasn't been this way since 1986. 
So, go ahead and open up that record player repair shop*
*for entertainment purposes only **business opportunity may be a disaster. ***probably will be a disaster. 

6 This bear that rang the doorbell at 10:00 at night... what if you answered the door without even looking? What if the bear had lock-picking skills?!

5 This guy had his cell phone stolen. He lives near the jungle. He found his cell phone under a palm tree. It had been stolen by a monkey. The monkey took several pictures...

4 Guy in Alberta charged with sleeping and speeding in a Tesla.
It was some sort of self-driving situation. The cops noticed that the seats were reclined all the way back. When the cops gave chase, all the other traffic pulled over like you're supposed to, but the Tesla took that to mean that the road was clear and so it speeded up! Eventually the driver... ??? the person on the driver side woke up and got issued a ticket. Due in court in December. 
This story made the news everywhere but is it fishy? I thought you had to keep your hands on the wheel or driver assist would shut off? *Might've been a Youtube vlogger prank. #WaitToSee

3 That guy who jumped a drawbridge in Detroit just like The Fall Guy starring television's Lee Majors.
Yes, it shows poor judgment or perhaps impulse control issues. Luckily no one was hurt. That guy kind of lived out the dream of anyone who has had to wait for a lousy stinkin drawbridge.
BTW, no video with the news report, so only makes third place.

2 Editor's note: this story makes number two on the list for sheer audacity!
The message in a bottle story from British Columbia. 
Like, the news outlets aren't even trying anymore. A guy on a lake shore in BC found a bottle. There was a crayon note inside that just said "Tyler From Coquitlam."
No treasure map. No "Stranded on deserted island, please help." Just a note from somebody three or 4 hours away in the same province. Maybe before the weirdness of 2020 this could've been a fun kicker to end the newscast. A nice human interest deal. "Isn't that something, the bottle bobbed it's way a few hours downriver. I mean, faster than ordering something from Wish, amiright! hahahahahaha!!"
Look, this is 2020. If you wanna have a cool kicker at the end of the news it has to be weirder than "Man finds garbage in lake." No offense, Tyler.

1 There's a canned pop shortage in Canada. The article calls it soda pop, which nobody ever says. Maybe you say soda. Maybe you say pop. But you don't say soda pop. So already I'm suspicious of this article. It does seem to have some research to back up the claim, though.
It's another Covid thing. After we all started staying home to work, and the restaurants closed, we stopped having fountain pop, and started taking a can of pop into the home office more often. Also, more cans of pop for lunch during work-from-home and school-at-home. 
So the pop companies couldn't keep up with demand. They started focusing on the big flagship brands like Coke and Pepsi. That's why maybe you had a hard time finding Diet Canada Dry or your fave Root Beer flavour. On behalf of the pop companies I wanna say thank you for your patience and please don't rediscover water. 

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