*Update: Results* Provincial Election Primer 2020: Vote Today Between 10a and 8p #Links #Info #Mask



Note: you're supposed to wear a mask to the voting place.
- To find out where you vote, and see who is running in your neighborhood, Enter your address/ community HERE (type your street name without "street" and type in your community).

- If you don't have your voter card thing, learn what ID you need to bring to vote HERE.
" To get added to the voters list... provide one or more pieces of ID that between them show your name, current address and signature. (A New Brunswick driver’s license contains all three and is the ideal piece of identification).
Other options may include:
lease agreements,
utility bills,
student IDs,
other documentation that provides the above three requirements, or having a friend already on the voters list vouch for your residency.
If you don't have identification documents, you may also have an eligible elector who is on the List of Electors at the polling station vouch for you, and swear an oath that you meet the qualifications to vote."

- It's free to ride Codiac Transpo buses on election day. You have to wear a mask on the bus. 

- Tabulator Machines can also be used to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

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