Podcast Sept 27: Season 1, Episode 8, What a Weird Week! The one with Murder Hornets again! Also, we're a day late because: Life

What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. 
*May leave you feeling weird and/or weak. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek.
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Story from BC... Researchers  are worried that the Murder Hornets will wipe out bees... the Murder Hornets like warm wet weather like West Coast North America... but also there's a chance for the Murder Hornets to make it here to the East Coast... these Murder Hornets are bad news, in case you didn't pick up on that based on their nickname being Murder Hornets. So what can we do to stop the spread of Murder Hornets? The article doesn't get too deep into that.
Summation: The war on Murder Hornets continues. 

There's no way you didn't hear this weird story 'cause it was everywhere this week. A limited run of Pumpkin Spice KD Mac N Cheese will be out in October. The lesson for marketing managers is this: in a time of Covid, when people are looking for some happy wacky news, if you do something like pumpkin spice your macaroni brand, every media outlet in the world will report on it. Even if it's going to taste gross and is a blatant attempt to get attention on the first day of Fall. Well done!!

8 This Week in How to Be Happier: Another study shows that going for a 15 minute walk is good for your mental health. Yes, as unappealing as this is to many of us, the research keeps showing that we need to leave the house. 
Summation: when you go outside and look at stuff, trees, nature, that kinda stuff, when your focus changes from looking inward to looking outward, you get happier. Read the study, then go outside.

7 The headline says it all: "Local boy smashes world record for pogo stick jumps" !! We've seen a lot of this during the pandemic, bored people breaking world records. It makes you sad for the previous world record holders who are now realizing that their accomplishments can be undone by people with nothing better to do.
In this case, a 7 year old in Philadelphia. The old record for a pogoing kid was 376, and young Theo Peterson just did 2309!

6 The thing you do all the time that is doing wonders for your Stress Levels. You watch cute animal videos all the time, don't you? If you don't, it might explain why you're so cranked up. The story was in the New York Post this week... a couple of things though, the study involved 19 people. That's not a lot. 
Also, the people in the study were shown videos of Quokkas. Quokkas are a cute animal from Australia. There are plenty of videos of them online, but will a chipmunk or a puppy video have the same effect? We need more cute animal science!!!
The numbers are impressive though, everybody's blood pressure went down and anxiety levels dipped... so it's worth a try. Ask your doctor about Quokka Viseos today!

5 Great news that you can't share with anyone... "Chunky thighs and wide hips linked to long life expectancy"!! People with large thighs or wide hips are less likely to die early, according to scientists. Instead of getting into the science behind it (read the link if you want to) let's get into why that great news cannot be shared by any of us. Say you're married to a lovely gal or fine fella... You're not gonna send them this link... "Hey Charlene, good news! Hey Brian, isn't this great?!" Even though you meant well... Nope. This research is best enjoyed privately. 
4 Some General Mills cereals are going back to their 1980s roots.
Recipes are changing, fruit shapes are returning, it's a flavour bonanza!
1) Cocoa Puffs will be more chocolatey
2) Cookie Crisp will be cookie-er
3) Trix will go back to fruit shapes
4) Golden Grahams will now contain 10% actual gold. *citation
It's a drone that flies around your house, from room to room,  broadcasting the live feed to your phone so you can see if someone has broken into your place... this is so Black Mirror creepy that it'll either be a giant hit with consumers or a complete flop. Maybe people will by this and treat it like a pet. Maybe people will by this and treat it like an easy way to spy on your roommates. Just think if this thing were to get hacked, or even just if you left the app open and somebody saw you in the privacy of your own home doing the freaky things you do, what a nightmare! 
To end on a positive note, if you have one of these, no one will ever want to visit your home again, if that's what you're going for...

Some employees got suspended when the man cave was discovered in an old basement storage room. I want this to inspire the next National Treasure movie.


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