Podcast Sun Aug 9: Season 1 Ep 1 "The one where we change the name of the show" What a Weird Week! #Camels #BellaThorne #KraftDinnerBreakfast #FoxwithCrocs #LarryBirdTomato

The TMD Podcast (Trending Moments Digest) is a roundup of the stories that have been trending all week. BUT, we've decided to change things up a little.
- New name: 
we're switching from TMD to What a Weird Week. Unlike "TMD Podcast", the "What a Weird Week" name isn't already taken by a bunch of other podcasts.
- New Format:
Top Ten! You'll still get the cool, weird, funny, slipped-through-the-cracks stories of the week, but now counted down in a top ten format.
- FAQ:
Q) Will the quality of the show improve? A) Let me put it this way, what quality?
Q) Will I have to change how I listen? A) The feed should all remain the same.
Q) When is this gonna happen? A) Time is an illusion.
Now here come the links:

10 - Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted a note they got from somebody who got a rock from a State Park and then started having all this bad luck. Here's the note: "Someone brought this home to me three years ago.  Bad things been happening ever since."

9 - Some Guinness Records got trending this week: Giant Jenga Stack (485 Jenga pieces on top of one vertical piece!) 

and the guy who sliced a bunch of watermelons in half. The watermelons were placed on his friend's head. For safety, his friend wore a raincoat...
and then there's this 14 year old kid from Colorado who made news for solving the Rubiks Cube while on a pogo stick. FYI, the record is like 16 seconds. So if you're good at the Rubiks Cube, but terrible at the pogo stick, you still have a shot at this record- you only have to pogo for 16 seconds. 

8 - Scientists made a discovery that is changing what we think of as alive or not alive... these microbes on the sea floor use so little energy that they shouldn't be alive. "To put it in perspective, the energy budget of an average human could power a ceiling fan. These organisms exist on an energy budget about 50 quintillion (a billion billion) times smaller than that, according to the study. " 
Joke submission:
You might think you're low-energy after Bongathon 2020, but these microbes have caused the scientists to actually change the criteria for not being dead. 
Congratulations, microbes, you are the new standard in lazy. I'd get some tee shirts made but, seems like an awful lot of work.

7 - Macaroni and Cheese made the news a couple times this week. That's weird, right?? Kraft Breakfast Mac and Cheese was announced...
Also, Cheetos Mac and Cheese was announced. The Mac and Cheese wars have arrived. Pick sides.

6 - There's more evidence showing that wearing a face mask during this pandemic is right. The newest thing is the research on how if you wear a mask but still get sick from Covid, you will get less sick. HERE's the link. Also, if you can't understand why some people still won't wear a mask, the research shows half of us believe at least one Covid conspiracy

5 - Fans of The Office learned this week how one joke cost the show an extra $60,000. ICYMI, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey from The Office do a podcast called The Office Ladies and they dish the behind-the-scenes tea. 
(Oh yeah, icymi2, Pam and Angela from The Office are friends irl.)
There's an episode where Michael sings a line from an Eddie Money song and it supposedly cost $60,000 to get the rights. Does that seem truthy? 
I want to believe. 

4 - Home Office Life Hack: Rollerblade wheels on your office chair. This article goes into detail "WHY GUYS ARE TRICKING OUT THEIR DESK CHAIRS WITH ROLLERBLADE WHEELS".

3 - The guy in South Korea who tried to wash his money because of Coronavirus. It happened awhile ago but made the news this week. This meant that every news outlet in the world made some kind of money laundering joke. I'm quite sure people made a drinking game out of it. Those people are still intoxicated, days later. You made that happen, local news anchor, YOU did it.
Oh yeah, about the money, the bank took back some of the damaged bills, but "Officials say the loss was considerable."

2 - Fox steals Crocs: this is another story you probably saw on your local newscast but if it involves cute animals and it rhymes, it's making the top ten.
ICYMI, people living in this part of Berlin kept having their shoes stolen. It was a lot of missing flip flops and a lot of gone Crocs. It turned out to be a fox that was stealing them and somebody got it on camera and that's why it became INTERNATIONAL NEWS?? 

HM -  Former Disney star and social media influencer, Bella Thorne, is selling her house and the internet says it aint pretty...

HM - People warned not to plant mysterious seeds that arrived in the mail...

HM - The Larry Bird tomato that got trending this week deserves an honorable mention for sure...

First things first, I took one year of law in high school and I'm pretty sure we have to call them "Alleged Murder Hornets" until they're convicted of a crime. 
Second things second, I honestly thought all the Murder Hornet Talk was a bunch of crap, but this just done got real. The experts have to find the Murder Hornet colony before mating season which, I don't have to tell you, is in a couple of months. If you are an aspiring screenwriter and you're not writing this Murder Hornet action thriller, you need to question your entire existence. What's that? Oh, you alrerady are questioning your entire existence? It's the plot of your last three screenplays?? Well done! 

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