Podcast Aug 23: Season 1 Ep 3 What a Weird Week! The one with the Fastest Wheelbarrow in the World #UFO #PepperoniShortage #Shark #Dogs #Cycling #WorldRecords #GrandMa

What a Weird Week (formerly The TMD Podcast) is a top ten countdown of the weirdest news stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and weak.
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Not sure about this robot narration... does not inspire confidence in the validity...

9 - Pepperoni Shortage. For real, it's because we are ordering so many pandemic pizzas.

8 - Man Punches Great White Shark.
There should be shark boxing, though, right? 

Vice published this story on Monday. I think it boils down to this... the military was ALREADY studying UFOs (now they're called UAPs)... then those videos came out with the Navy pilots baffled by weird things in the sky... that put more pressure on the military to acknowledge Weird Sky Things©, so now the task force has been beefed up and announced publicly.
Bullet Points:
~ UFOs are real, but what they are is up for debate. 
~ Before the Government acknowledged that UFOs are real, a bunch of researchers were like "There's a cover-up!"
~ After the government acknowledged that UFOs are real, a bunch of researchers were like "I don't trust the government!"

6 - Wheelbarrow Speed Record.
Interesting guy, Kevin Nicks...

4 - Mandatory Dog Walks... twice a day... an hour each time... or go to jail*
*citation needed about the jail thing, but... exciting, right!?! #GermanDogLaw

There's something weird* happening. *What constitutes 'weird' in the year we've been having is up for debate.* We think this counts: first, the earth's magnetic field developed  a "dent". Now the folks at NASA say it's gonna split in two. There are also changes happening IN the earth... the magnetic field is changing. 
My advice? Hoard lead, and make a lead suit some time in the next few years (that's how long they think it'll take for the split to happen. 

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