*UPDATE* I'm still on Team Mask, but there's something *ELSE* you should know about Neck Gaiters: it seems as though they're *NOT* terrible

We talked about this when the research came out... neck gaiters were worse than traditional face masks for helping stop the spread of Covid. The research actually kinda showed that neck gaiters might be worse than wearing no mask at all! (see older post below)
The University of Georgia tried to duplicate the findings of the earlier study but the results were different. Neck Gaiters are not evil.
The new results: Single-layer gaiters had a 77% reduction in respiratory droplets compared to not wearing a mask... Two-layer Masks did a little bit better at 81%... the best result was multi-layer gaiters at 96%. So...
Best: multi-layer GAITERS
2nd Place: two-layer masks
close 3rd place: single-layer gaiter!
(gaiters are not terrible at all)

The Science on wearing masks is quite definitive; it helps prevent the spread of Covid, and it appears to lessen the severity of coronavirus if you do end up getting sick. 
NECK GAITERS, though, make things complicated. Wearing one of those might be WORSE THAN NOT WEARING A MASK because when they did the test, the neck gaiter made water droplets smaller and easier to spread.

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