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Back to School Plan from the Province: The whole guide from the Prov is online now. 
Every school is supposed to have their own plan for health and safety guidelines, which will be sent to parents school starts up again. Some Highlights from the Prov yesterday...
* Buses: 
 K–5 kids are one-to-a-seat, no mask required. (members of the same house can sit together)... Grade 6-12 kids can be two-to-a-seat if they wearing a mask.
* Masks: K-5ers are encouraged to wear a mask outside the class, and 6-12 kids will be required to wear them outside of class.
* Fountains: No more drinking from the fountain, they're supposed to be replaced with filling stations, so kids will have to bring a refillable bottle.
* Distancing: K to 8 class bubbles and contact tracing will be used, High schools will use a blend of home and classroom learning along with physical distancing.
* Music: Singing and playing wind instruments will not be allowed.

-Here are some Back to School resources from the Province:
Return to School Guide for Parents (what parents and kids need to know before school starts up again in September 2020. Check back often, they say the plan will evolve.)
* Parents with questions can reach out... Early Childhood Development questions call 1‑833‑221‑9339 or ECSAP-PASPE@gnb.ca, K to 12 questions email EDcommunication@gnb.ca... note that someone is there to help from 8a-5p Monday to Friday.
Parent Portal (where parents can get online services and info)

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