TMD Podcast s4 e16 for Sat Jul 25 2020: The one with the Robot Dolphin #TMDpod #TrendingMomentsDigest #bustdrones#Kraken #UFOs

Here are some stories that were trending online this week:
- Last Week's Tweet Machine hack was not the work of a foreign entity, instead it started with a guy named Kirk. I know what you're think, but it's not Kirk Cameron. 
- Country Time Lemonade Bailout Package (if your lemonade stand got COVIDed Out) and HERE's the Kraft Heinz podcast link
- Unleash the Kraken merch will sell like coocoobananas© and you know what? Maybe The Washington Football Team merch will too. Serious.
- UFOs this week on Vox
- Scientific American: "Experimental Blood Test Detects Cancer up to Four Years before Symptoms Appear"
- This...

- How Toilet Paper Industry handled 845% spike in demand
- Amazon's new boxes are designed to be more fun #CatApartment #RocketShip
- Robot Dolphins are real? Robot Dolphins are real!!
- rise in ice cream sales, decline in shampoo usage during pandemic. #storychecksout
- They accidentally made a new kind of fish out of
 sturgeon and paddlefish. Meet the Sturddlefish.

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