TMD Podcast s4 e15 Sat Jul 18 2020 #TMDpod #TrendingMomentsDigest The one with the Hair Cutting Robot #DentalSurgery #SmartTattoos ##SwearingScience

Here are some stories that were trending online this week:
- My brother got dental surgery (citation needed). 
- Boy Genius* (or man with long hair) makes hair cutting robotic device. If it's not marketed as Hairy Shearer then I consider the whole thing a fail. Straight to video.
- Swearing eases your pain. It's Damn Science.
- National Tattoo Day! Here's the Covid/Tattoo Regret story.
Here's our National Tattoo Day ad...
- Billy Joel plays junk piano 
- Amazon Carts will know you're buying Prep H. Which is a fine product. *ad.

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