Is it just like Cheating to have Secret Fast Food without your Sweet Baby knowing? (Yes, yes it is)

New Survey on Betrayal:
10% of us think it's cheating to have Secret Drive-Thru Food without your partner knowing.
Scotty note: I didn't realize this is how I felt until I thought about it, but, yes. It's cheating if your spouse hits up the Drive-Thru for a secret burger. There needs to be a chicken snack brought home for me or that's stone-cold cheating. #stone #cold #cheater

Me: "Uh, Yeah, I'll take a Number 4 please. Super-size the fries.
Drive-thru Attendant: "Is this one of those 'on the down-low secret food runs', sir?
Me: ... ... "Maybe." 
DTA: "Go home to her, sir. Don't throw your relationship away for a number 4 combo. There are enough fries for the both of you.
Me: "Thank you, Bethany. I will go to her. I'll go to her right now. I won't even eat the fries on the way."
(Theme from  Notting Hill plays through credits).

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