Kellogg's Mashups: two half-boxes of cereal mixed together! #FlakesandLoops

Kellogg's Mashups are here! ... and by 'here' I mean in the USA, not Canada, so... not really here. (Disregards misleading opening line)
I'm so stoked about Kellogg's Mashups that I've been carrying around my special cereal-eating spoon in my backpack! *might be a fanny pack*
What are Kellogg's Mashups? They take half a box of your favourite cereal, and combine it with a half-box of another, almost-as-good cereal, and they put both of those in the same box! THE SAME BOX!!
- announcements about cereal lately have all been "We've taken your favourite dessert food, shrunk it down so it fits in a bowl, and boxed it up for your breakfast pleasure!" So, at least Mashups is something different. At least there's a new box.
- It's a wonderful symbol of unity and diversity. Kellogg's Mashups represents us. WE are the Froot Loops and Flakes, and we're all in this big box together.
- Q: But, Scotty, can't I just buy a box of Loops and a box of Flakes and mix them together myself?
A: You will be thrown into breakfast jail for copyright violation. Do you know how hard it is to come back from a cereal copyright strike? I think you're only allowed to eat puffed wheat after that. Don't risk it.
video link HERE 
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