Canada Day in Moncton will be online

*Originally posted June 22: 
Moncton's Canada Day 2020 Festivities will be streamed on the City o' Moncton Facebook. The web page with info about Moncton's Canada Day stuff is supposed to get updated HERE. If not, check out the Federal Gov page HERE.
What's it gonna be like? At time of blogging there's not a lot of Moncton info, but I can speculate. Wild speculation is one of my super powers!
Here's a possible Canada Day Live Stream Schedule: 
- The day will begin with a Covid-19 update from the Province. It is a proven live streaming hit for Monctonians.
- Next, it's 12 minutes of streaming the NASA channel *if you're a rocket scientist or #UFO True Believer, feel free to linger a little longer.
- You've waited long enough, let's get to that Peppa Pig live feed!
- What about live sports, though? Canada aint Canada without sports, right?
Maybe try a bit of cricket? *if the stream doesn't work, just stare at this picture of cricket sensation Virat Kohli.
- Too much excitement? If you need to dial it back a notch, take as much time as you need streaming this Live Bird feeder Cam
- The night wraps up with a Best-of-the-Past Fireworks Extravaganza. That part is NOT speculation. That is 100% what the Federal Government plans to do this Canada Day.

*UPDATE June 25* Moncton activities are posted HERE!

*from City of Dieppe's Facebook

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